Kanye West Remains Missing, Death Rumors Swirl

As the world rolls into the year 2023, Kanye West remains missing as death rumors swirl that the rapper may be dead. How long has the rapper been missing? Why are so many people on the internet convinced Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband might actually be dead? Keep reading for the details and a run-down of fan chatter.

When was the rapper last known to be alive?

As TvShowsAce previously reported, the last confirmed sighting of Kanye West was on December 18th. Multiple outlets report photos of Kanye in public were snapped by paparazzi on this day. The rapper, however, has not been seen in public since. Likewise, he also hasn’t posted anything online either.

Initially, fans were not overly concerned about his radio silence as they suspected he was just off the grid, but not really missing. Concern for the rapper’s whereabouts first grew when it became apparent that he did not spend Christmas or New Year with his children. While he and Kim Kardashian are not on great terms, they do try to put their differences aside for their children.

Is Kanye West dead or alive?

On Twitter, many individuals admit they don’t usually get caught up in celebrity drama. But, they are stressed out and feeling anxious over wondering where Kanye West is. In all caps, many have shouted, “WHERE THE F*CK IS KANYE?” on Twitter.

Here are some of the recent tweets pouring is as people continue to wonder whether Kanye is dead or alive:

Is Kanye West simply avoiding a lawsuit?

According to The Source, Kanye West was first reported missing last month when his former business manager revealed that he couldn’t find the rapper to serve him with a $4.5M lawsuit. Many suspect he’s just hiding to avoid being served for the lawsuit. Friends close to the rapper, however, note that Kanye loves his children very much and wouldn’t miss spending major holidays with them for anything.

More recently, Greenberg Traurig LLP has also come forward to reveal they had represented Kanye West as a client until recently. The law firm, however, hasn’t been able to make contact with the rapper to officially cut ties with him. Legally, the law firm must give Kanye West a court order to cut ties with him. On December 12th, the law firm sent a letter to a federal judge noting they’ve been unable to make contact with Kanye West.

There is no denying that Kanye West is missing in some capacity. Multiple people have tried to reach out to him with no luck. Whether he is dead or not is just rumor and theory at this point in time.

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