Idaho Student Received Food Delivery Moments Before Murder

Idaho murder victim Xana Kernodle received a DoorDash delivery just moments before she, her boyfriend and her two friends were murdered, according to a newly-released police affidavit.

The affidavit — recounting the moments Moscow Police Officer Brett Payne entered the home on Kings Street and found the four college students brutally stabbed to death — says Kernodle received the food order at around 4am on the night of November 13.

About 12 minutes later, Dylan Mortensen, who survived the attack, said she thought she heard Kaylee Goncalves, 21, say ‘Someone’s here,’ but a forensic review suggests it may have just been Kernodle watching videos on TikTok at the time.

Police now say Kernodle, her boyfriend, Ethan Chapin, 20 and Madison Mogen, 21, were killed between 4am and 4.25am that night by Bryan Kohberger.

Kohberger, 28, was arrested on December 30, more than a month after the quadruple homicide. He was denied bail on Thursday as new court documents revealed his DNA was found on a knife sheath lying next to the victim’s bodies.

The shocking police affidavit released on Thursday details how Mortensen was awoken several times the night of November 13 — before coming face-to-face with her friend’s murderer.

It says she was woken up for the first time at around 4am by what she thought sounded like Goncalves playing with her dog in one of the upstairs bedrooms.

A short time later, she said she heard what she thought was Goncalves saying something to the effect of ‘There’s someone here.’ 

But a forensic review of Kernodle’s phone showed that she was awake at the time and using the TikTok app — suggesting the sound may have just come from a TikTok video.

Mortensen told police on the scene she looked out her window at the suggestion that there may be someone on the premises, but did not see anything.

She then opened her door just a few minutes later when she thought she heard crying coming from Kernodle’s room.

At that point, the affidavit chillingly reveals she heard a male voice say something to the effect of ‘It’s ok, I’m going to help you.’

By 4.17am, security cameras located just to the northwest of the home picked up distorted audio of what sounded like voices or a whimper followed by a thud.

A dog could also be heard barking several times. 

Mortesensen said she then decided to open her door again, when she saw a man in black clothing and a mask that covered his mouth and nose walking toward her.

She said the male walked past her as she stood in a ‘frozen shock phase,’ and walked towards the sliding glass door in the back while she locked herself inside her room.

The revelations now raise further questions about the night of the murders, as cops have said they did not receive a 911 call about the quadruple homicide until about seven hours later.

The 19-page affidavit released on Thursday revealed that Kohberger, a criminology student at Washington State University, visited the house at least 12 times before the murder and turned his phone off on the night of the killings to avoid detection.

He was denied bail during a brief court appearance in Moscow. He will return to court on January 12 for a status hearing. 

Kohberger spent most of the 10-minute hearing looking directly at Judge Megan Marshall as she read him his rights and the five counts and answered ‘yes’ when asked if he understood each count.

He remained impassive throughout but briefly became agitated during the reading of the final count – the murder of Ethan Chapin for which he faces life imprisonment or the death penalty.

The family of Kaylee Goncalves were also in court, with her mother shaking her head and sobbing as the homicide charge related to her daughter was read out.

After the hearing, their family attorney told reporters: ‘It was an emotional moment for the family seeing the defendant for the first time and the family will be in this for the long haul.’

Kohberger has been charged with four counts of murder and one count of burglary for the November 13 massacre.  

If convicted, he is facing the death penalty for the murders of Idaho students Maddie Mogen, Kaylee Goncalves, Xana Kernodle and Ethan Chapin. 

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  1. There should be pity for the roommate that didn’t call 911. She will always wonder if she could have saved them.
    I hope Justice is served with the death penalty, but make it for at least ten months after decision for him to think about what he has done! That is if he even has a conscience.

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