Teacher Attacked with Axe in Grisly Assault

The New Year opened with a horrific, bloody scene in one town after a teacher was allegedly hacked to death with an axe, according to multiple reports.

A worker at the Saraswati Sishu Vidya Mandir school, located in Odisha’s Malkangiri, India, purportedly charged at one of the educators with the deadly weapon on Sunday. Police say that the teacher, Nirakar Sethi (also spelled “Sethy” by other outlets), was rushed to a local hospital, but ultimately succumbed to his wounds.

The suspect, Naresh Kshatriya, is believed to have launched the assault following “a minor squabble,” according to an article by Odisha TV.

Local law enforcement reportedly believe that the victim and his attacker, who were on campus at the time, had been engaged in a verbal spar. However, things soon spun out of control.

“The scene turned ugly when Naresh lost his cool,” Odisha TV reported. “He reached out for an axe and attacked Nirakar, leaving him seriously injured.”

At some point, the teacher—who had begun to bleed profusely—was seen by other instructors, according to the article. The fellow educators attempted to save him by dashing to the Malkangiri district headquarters hospital.

By the time that they got there, though, the victim had apparently died, per Odisha TV. Medical professionals pronounced him dead shortly after he arrived.

Another outlet, a daily news publication called Pragativadi, reported that the teacher had “died on the spot.”

Law enforcement officials then seized the teacher’s corpse and returned it to his family following a postmortem examination, according to local outlets. In addition, the police have begun investigating the ordeal and have detained the school worker so that they can interrogate him.

“The incident has become the talk of the town,” Odisha TV wrote.

The educator had reportedly specialized in mathematics, per the news website Odisha Bytes. Sources also informed that outlet about the supposed root of the pair’s trivial dispute.

The teacher had apparently “found the school gate open when he went there.” After that, he is believed to have asked the suspect to keep the gate shut, citing concerns over safeguarding the school’s garden and properties. That’s when the school worker is said to have become “furious.”

“In a fit of rage, he picked up an axe and allegedly attacked Sethy,” according to Odisha Bytes.

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  1. Students/teachers attacked with axes/knives in India and China where they have little access to guns… so guns aren’t the problem, as the crime/murdering continues, it’s obviously ADDICTIONS VIOLENCE !!! … Same as in USA !!!

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