Meghan Markle Beats Kate Middleton as “Most Intelligent Royal”

Meghan Markle, 41, attended the prestigious Northwestern University in Illinois. According to a study, the Duchess of Sussex ranks above all other Royal Family members when it comes to the quality of academic institution she attended.

Northwestern University, where Meghan studied a double major in Theatre and International Relations, places 30 on a list of over 1,350 institutions in the QS World University Rankings.

This is 61 places ahead of the University of St Andrew’s, which is the second-best institution attended by a royal in this survey.

The research, by international education provider Oxford Royale, analysed QS World University Rankings to discover which royal is the most intelligent.

Kate Middleton and Prince William are a royal power couple when it comes to intelligence, placing second and third on the list of most intelligent royals respectively.

The Prince and Princess of Wales met and fell in love when Kate was studying History of Art and William was studying Geography at the University of St Andrews.

The dazzling duo started off as friends but sparked a romance after Prince William saw Kate model at a university fashion show.

Although the royal couple attended the same institution, Kate pips William to the post when it comes to intelligence, getting AAB in her A-Levels, ahead of William’s grades of ABC.

Princess Eugenie takes the crown as the UK’s fourth smartest royal. The Princess studied History of Art and English Literature at Newcastle University, which ranks 134 out of all universities on the QS World University Rankings list.

In addition, she achieved AAB in her A-Levels. Despite Eugenie’s sister Princess Beatrice also achieving strong A-Level results (ABB), Eugenie comes out top when it comes to brains.

This is because Newcastle University ranks 327 places above her older sister Princess Beatrice’s choice of university, Goldsmith’s.

Peter Phillips and Zara Tindall, the children of Princess Anne, also rank high on the list of most intelligent royals.

The royal siblings both attended Exeter University, which places 149 on the QS World University Rankings list.

A spokesperson for Oxford Royale commented on the findings for, arguing that the Duchess of Sussex is “unashamedly brilliant”.

They said: “Meghan Markle is an unashamedly brilliant woman, and her refusal to remain silent on complex, controversial issues from racism and injustice to period poverty and the need for paid parental leave is a testament to her intelligence and academic pedigree.

“Despite the fact that as the wife of Prince Harry, Meghan has married into a royal tradition of neutrality on key political issues (to preserve the stability of The Crown), the Duchess of Sussex has never let this prevent her from expressing her beliefs openly and articulately.

“Not only has Meghan had a successful career as an actress, but she also completed a degree in of the most complex and rigorous subjects available – International Relations – at a top academic institution.

“This has given her excellent preparation for a life and career where she will communicate continually with the public.

“Meghan and Harry’s marriage is a multi-skilled partnership; while the Prince opted not to attend university and serve in the army instead, the resilience and lateral thinking skills he will have gained from his military career, coupled with the natural empathy he has inherited from his mother, Princess Diana, will bring great strength to the couple as they navigate a lifetime in the spotlight.

“While the public focus is always on Kate Middleton’s impeccable fashion sense and style, she also shines as the second most intelligent member of the UK Royal Family.

“With impressive A-Level results and a degree from one of the UK’s strongest academic institutions, she is well equipped for a role which requires careful curation and intelligence.”

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  1. You ARE joking right? This Royal bitch might be clever and a conniver but intelligent? Forget it, she’s better on her back, apparently if you like that type..

  2. How stupid can this be? If MEaghan was “so smart” she would have been married to William! She’s a person who only wants fame, fortune and $$$. Once she gets what she wants from people, she GHOSTS them and moves on to someone who has more of what she wants. If she’s THAT intelligent, then I’m Queen Mary of England!

  3. Level of education has nothing to do with how intelligent you are and being in a single so-so tv show doesn’t show any degree of success at being an actress.

  4. Once again intelligence and education are confused. The Fact that someone went to a great college and attains a great GPA only means that they were able to acquire information and remember it long enough to pass a test. Intelligence is not just the ability to acquire knowledge but to be able to use that knowledge in a way that is beneficial. The fact that Meghan was able to con Harry only goes to prove that he is dumber then she is. The two of them had some of the easiest jobs in the world and they screwed it up. Since Harry has no better than a snowball’s chance in hell of becoming King, he had all the benefits and NONE of the responsibilities of being a Royal. All he and Meghan had to do was show up at an event, shake a few hands and then go about their lives with not a care in the world, and get paid for doing so. Instead of gong with the easy long term life of a Royal they went for the chance of making a quick buck and in doing so screwed themselves out of the Royal Family. Do they think Oprah will come to their aid when King Charles asks Parliament to pull all of their Royal Titles??? So much for Intelligence.

  5. Wow, still confusing education with intelligence. Clearly this story is still promoting stupidity with that pathetic attempt to back up her actions with her scholastics. Since you seem to think that is the case, as an Ivy League graduate with an MBA, two other master degrees and a 4.0 average and IQ of 172.

    Let me put it in a way you will understand:

    Ms. Markle is an obnoxious, ignorant, self-centered, self-absorbed, whiney, victim claiming “C”. While she may have pulled the wool over Harry, the left, Hollywood, and the media apparently given the stupidity of this article. However, the queen and any other sane adult know better what type Markle is. Get a clue Media and stop giving her any exposure.

  6. Just because Meghan went to a certain college, does not mean she got good grades while there.
    The author takes great pains to list Kate as achieved AAB and William as achieved ABC.

    But the author fails to disclose what grades Meghan got. What list did this author get the school rankings from and are the ranking subjective or objective?

    If in fact Northwestern is a better school than St. Andrews, if Meghan received lower grades, that would make Markle not superior to anyone. If Markle’s grades were bad, she might even be considered inferior, by this authors own standards.

    Author also failed to disclose Harry’s grades.

    Author seems biased.

  7. How much did Markle pay you to write this BS? A better title would be: The Mattress Actress, Most Narcissistic Royal. Then include that her father (who she dumped) paid for it all. Harry didn’t CHOOSE not to further his education, he simply isn’t smart enough. I’m starting to think Whatsuptoday isn’t worth reading. A bunch of propaganda.

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