Woman SURVIVES 200-Foot Fall After Slipping on Ice During Hike

A female hiker survived a a 200-foot fall in the San Gabriel Mountains on Saturday after slipping on ice during a Christmas weekend hike.

Ruth Woroniecki, 40, of Thornton, Colorado, departed her family’s campground in Lytle Creek at around 5.00am to make the journey up to Cucamonga Peak, according to area authorities.

As Woroniecki was hiking back to her campsite from the 8,800-foot summit, she slipped on ice and fell 200 feet, miraculously landing on a fallen tree that broke what would otherwise have been a harsher impact. 

Spokesperson for the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, Chris Mejia, said a hiker found Woroniecki and activated a handheld GPS device to call for assistance.

After the call was triggered at Woroniecki’s location, a rescue crew determined a helicopter would be needed because of her location and the amount of time it would take for crews on the ground to reach her.

Soon, a helicopter crew circled nearby and deposited a rescuer who hiked in to help.

High winds made the rescue difficult, according to the Los Angeles Times, but the woman was located and hauled up to the helicopter before being taken to a nearby hospital.

Mejia said the ‘rescuer, who was equipped with crampons and an ice axe, hiked to her location and assessed her condition.

‘He placed Woroniecki in a rescue harness and assisted her to an open area, away from trees,’ before getting her into the helicopter. 

Woroniecki’s condition was not immediately known at the close of the weekend, but she reportedly sustained serious injuries.

It was determined that Woroniecki would need an aerial rescue because of her position on the mountain. She was transported to a nearby hospital, though her condition remains unknown

Woroniecki’s slippery conditions fall comes about a month after 19-year-old Emily Sotelo died hiking in New Hampshire due to wintery conditions on a trail.

The college sophomore was found dead in November on what would have been her 20th birthday. According to local officials, Sotelo wasn’t carrying with her any of the essentials that officials recommend for day hikes, even in warmer weather.

She was without a map, compass, or matches. She had no flashlight or headlamp. She had granola bars and a banana in her backpack, as well as water that likely froze early into her hike.

She was wearing long underwear, but only light pants and a jacket. She was equipped with heated gloves and a neck warmer, but no hat.

Her shoes were reportedly best suited for trail running, rather than winter trekking. 

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