HGTV Star Christina Haack Shares Shocking Diagnosis

Christina Haack learned she has mercury and lead poisoning after experiencing “some unexplained health stuff for years.”

The “Flip or Flop” alum revealed on Thursday that her test results might stem from all the years she spent renovating old houses.

“My scan said I have mercury and lead poisoning,” the 39-year-old wrote on her Instagram Story. “Most likely from all the gross houses I’ve been in (all the bad flips).”

The tests also indicated that she has “small intestine bacteria overgrowth.”

“So we are first detoxing all of this through herbs and IVs and then [we’ll] see how I feel and tackle implants,” she continued.

The “Christina on the Coast” star spoke out last week about her ongoing health woes, which she believes may be due to her breast implants.

“Been super exhausted lately so [I’m] on a kick to get back into my body. I’ve had some unexplained health stuff for years, and now I’m considering the thought that this could be breast implant related,” she said via Instagram.

Haack also shared that she had all her under-eye filler dissolved because “it was causing an inflammatory reaction.”

The HGTV star is experiencing “inflammation, autoimmune issues (Hashimoto’s disease, PCOS, Raynaud’s syndrome), unexplained skin rashes, joint and muscle pain, dry eyes, GI issues, SIBO, acid reflux, brain fog, hormone imbalances, swollen lymph nodes and adrenal fatigue.”Enlarge ImageThe reality star recently settled her custody battle with Ant Anstead.Instagram/Christina Hall

Despite her extensive list of medical issues, Haack still has a lot to celebrate this holiday season now that her custody battle with ex Ant Anstead has been settled.

The former couple will “continue to have joint legal and joint physical custody” of their 3-year-old son, Hudson, and will no longer be going to trial in March 2023.Enlarge ImageThe 39-year-old will get to be with her son Hudson over the holidays.Instagram/Christina Hall

Haack will even get to spend Christmas with the toddler this year as she has him from Dec. 23 through 25 for even-numbered years.

The exes, who split in 2020, have been at odds ever since the “Wheeler Dealers” star accused Haack of “exploiting” their son on social media — which she vehemently denied.

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  1. I discovered our local tap water was poisoning me just hours before it would have finished killing me! Gave me enlarging liver and ever increasing liver pain… until I stopped drinking it… City water reports claimed it was the best water in the country… a total lie!

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