Man Kills Wife and 4 Kids – Driving with Bodies in a Van for Weeks

A jury is pondering a possible death sentence for a Florida man who pleaded guilty to brutally murdering his wife and their four young children and driving around with their bodies in the back of his van for several weeks.

Michael Wayne Jones, 41, admitted to beating his wife to death with a baseball bat in 2019. After she was dead, he said that he murdered her four small children over the next few days. He stored their bodies in tote bags and drove them around in the back of his van.

According to an arrest report previously obtained by PEOPLE, Jones told responding officers that he killed his wife, Casei Jones, after she looked through his phone and accused him of infidelity. He claimed she had poked him with a baseball bat during the ensuing argument, and he took the bat and beat her with it in a rage.

After killing his wife, he killed his two stepsons, Cameron Bowers, 10, and Preston Bowers, 5. Police say that he strangled Cameron before choking Preston with a zip tie and drowning him in the bathtub. He put both boys’ bodies in suitcases.

Later, he drowned his two daughters — Mercalli Jones, 2, and Aiyana Jones, 1 — in a bathtub and put their bodies in a duffel bag, he admitted.

Jones drove the bodies around in the back of his van until he got into a single-car accident on September 15, 2009 — approximately two months after the killing spree began. The responding officer detected the smell of decomposition and searched the vehicle, finding his wife’s body.

Jones then took authorities to a wooded area where he had dumped the four children’s bodies.

Jones is in the sentencing portion of his trial. Prosecutors argue that the brutal killings call for the death penalty. According to WESH-TV, multiple witnesses spoke out, saying that Jones had been abusive to his wife.

But Jones’ defense attorneys argue that he suffered a traumatic upbringing, including being molested by his father and abused by a stepfather. They are seeking life in prison instead of the death penalty.

Michael W. Jones Jr.
Michael W. Jones Jr. Brantley County Sheriff’s Office

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