Wild Footage Captures Mom Saving Son From a Massive Snake (VIDEO)

An eagle-eyed mom has saved her son from a potential snake attack after she spotted it slithering towards her young child. 

The footage, posted to TikTok by Christopher Crisp, from Cloncurry, Queensland showed their son Lucas playing with the family dog on the front lawn of their Outback home on September 21.

Lucas, unknowingly meters away from the snake, ran around with the family’s German Shepherd before his mom Raquel walked out with a baby in her arms. 

The footage showed Raquel stopping just short of their front gate after spotting the massive brown snake before she stepped in between the reptile and her son.

Raquel ushered Lucas inside with her free hand, clutching the baby with the other, while the snake slithered in the opposite direction.

Crisp took to TikTok to explain how close his son Lucas was to harm. ‘The snake sat there for over a minute watching the dog and Lucas play in front of the yard,’ he captioned the video.

‘Lucky mom saw it.


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