Harry Styles’ Crew Hijacked by Armed Gangsters on Brazil’s “Highway to Hell” Road

The merchandise van was driving south along the BR-116 highway from Sao Paulo to the city of Curitiba on Friday when three armed men targeted the vehicle.

Cops said the gangsters overtook the van, forced it to stop, and then stole it along with the equipment, G1 reports. 

It’s understood the vehicle was a Live Nation van carrying merchandise for Styles’ “Love On Tour” tour.

The British singer played in Rio de Janerio on Thursday night, and he’s set to perform in Curitiba on Saturday.

Police said the driver was “subdued” by the three robbers – who haven’t yet been tracked down.

The van has also not been recovered.

Brazil’s remote BR-116 is a notoriously dangerous road – dubbed the “highway to hell” for the widespread sexual exploitation of children along the route.

Stretching 4,542km, it’s the longest highway in the country.

British journalist Matt Roper travelled more than 1,500 miles along the road and found communities living off child sexual exploitation by selling their daughters to the sex trade.

Charity Menina Danca said a culture has emerged where abuse and exploitation are viewed as normal and acceptable – and girls are pushed into prostitution at a young age.

It said the worst rate of child sexual exploitation is along a 300km stretch spanning the poor north of Minas Gerais state and the south of Bahia state – known as the “child prostitution corridor”.

According to Federal Police surveys, there are at least 272 places on the highway where children are known to be sold for sex.

Due to the high number of crashes on the stretch between Sao Paolo and Curitiba, the road has also earned the nickname “highway of death”.

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