Suicidal Dad Drives Off Cliff with Twin Daughters – They All Survived Thanks to Hero

Police Officer Jonathan Wiese of San Diego, California, received a call about a suicidal man who possibly had a gun.

Earlier that morning, the man had reportedly taken his 2-year-old twin daughters without permission from their mother.

Then the girls’ mother began receiving calls and texts alluding to the horrifying idea that she may not see her daughters again.

While authorities worked to locate the father, they feared he would attempt to drive his car off the Coronado Bridge. Dispatchers traced his phone to the Sunset Cliffs — where the the 47-year-old man had just driven off a 50-foot cliff and plunged into the water.

His twin daughters were sitting on his lap at the time. None of them were wearing seat belts. Officer Wiese, a K-9 handler, was determined to save the family no matter how treacherous it would be. Since the cliff was far too dangerous to jump from, the officer knew he needed to find another way down to the water.

In the end, it’s unfathomable how all three crash victims survived … and it’s no wonder why the San Diego police chief says that Officer Wiese’s actions that day were “probably the most heroic thing I’ve seen in my 32 years.”

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  1. So how did the officer reach the head-case sperm donor and 2 innocent twin sisters?????
    Kudos to the police officer!!!
    So where was blm or antifa during this rescue?????? Were they responding to the scene?????

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