Prince William Blindsided by Harry and Meghan’s Netflix Trailer

The Prince and Princess of Wales have been touring Boston ahead of the Earthshot Prize ceremony which is set to take place on Friday, December 2022. During the three-day trip, the couple has focused on conservation and visited a number of charities that hold eco-friendly values and are making strides toward saving the planet from climate change.

While their noble endeavor has been celebrated by royal fans, the recent release of Harry and Meghan’s Netflix trailer has somewhat thrown a spanner in the works.

In the First look at Harry and Meghan’s Netflix, the Duchess of Sussex is heard saying, “When the stakes were this high, doesn’t it make more sense to hear our story from us?” Prince Harry is also heard saying, “No one sees what’s happening behind closed doors.”

While these comments could be seen as innocuous, those who are familiar with the Sussexes previous interviews and the claims they have previously made about the racism they have experienced as senior members of the Royal Family, could see that this trailer was teasing something big. 

The trailer suggests that for the first time, Prince Harry and Meghan are completely in control of the narrative about their relationship with the rest of the Royal Family and can really explain what has taken place over the past few years. This means that there will likely be some bombshells as the couple lifts the lid on their experience.

It has been claimed that the release of Harry and Meghan’s Netflix trailer while the Prince and Princess are currently in the public eye on tour, was ‘deliberate.’

A source told The Times, “It was definitely deliberate, without any question. But not at all unexpected.” They said of Harry and Meghan, “they want all the attention they can possibly get.”

The source then compared the royal couple to the Prince and Princess of Wales, “They are two people who are accepting awards for themselves, talking about themselves, doing programs about themselves. [William and Kate are] active members of the royal family who have a job to shine a spotlight on other people, give awards to other people. That’s the contrast.”

“One can only conclude this is a concerted publicity drive on their behalf to stoke up interest in this documentary and is designed to clash with the Wales’ visit this week,” another source told the Daily Mail.

Others have suggested that Netflix had complete control over the release of this trailer and perhaps the Sussexes had no say in the timing or ability to check if it would possibly clash with other royal engagements. 

Even without the release of Harry and Meghan’s Netflix trailer, the Royal Family is still putting out a number of PR nightmare fires. A member of the royal household, Lady Susan Hussey, stepped down following racially charged comments she made at an event at Buckingham Palace. Although they are in the States, Catherine and William were quick to respond and condemned the comments made by the Prince of Wales’ godmother.

Watch the trailer here:

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  1. Shame on Netflix to try to interfere with the Wales’ earth shot. Harry & wife are a couple publicity whore liars trying to get rich. William & Catherine are just trying to give away an award to help the earth.

  2. Why are those two always trying to compete with William & Catherine? To make $$$$. Gotta pay for that mansion in Montecito.

  3. Well Prince William and Kate have more class in there little fingers than those two spoilt brats. They knew that they would have too try and be number one…

  4. We are so sick of hearing how these two spoiled self absorbed leftist milking the victim crap! Either do something useful with your lives or STFU! Enough of the Eunoch (the demasciulinized man) and his Tramp! Netflix we cancelled our subscription since you seem to continue to promote garbage!

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