Simon Cowell Sparks Concern – Looks ‘Unrecognizable’ in New Video

Simon Cowell has sparked concern from fans in a new video shared to social media on Thursday. 

The TV mogul, 63, looked unrecognizable as he sported an incredibly smooth complexion, bright white teeth and enhanced features which could have been a result of cosmetic work. 

During the video, Simon encouraged people to get in touch in order to audition for Britain’s Got Talent, just days after judge David Walliams quit the show

He said in the short VT: ‘I always say on this show, two or three minutes can change your life. And it has. And maybe this time it’s gonna be you.

‘So please audition now for next year’s season and I look forward to meeting you.’

The comments went wild shortly after he posted with fans writing things like: ‘What has happened to his face?’

‘Holy moly, I nearly didn’t recognize him then.’

‘Not one for slagging someone’s appearance but his face looks like it’s melting.’ 

‘Somebody has forgot to turn the Snapchat filters off.’

‘What has happened to this poor chap’s face. And hair?’

Yet others were loving his new video and wrote: ‘Simon Cowell gets younger and younger each year.’

And: ‘Looking well!’

What has happened? It seems as though his fans were shocked by his new appearance

Simon famously lost 20Ibs over the past two years. He overhauled his lifestyle after breaking his back in 2020 when he crashed his electric bike near his Malibu home and now keeps to a regular sleep and exercise schedule.

He suffered complications from surgery to fuse his vertebrae, which required him to mostly stay in bed for six months.

As well as now walking 40 miles a week, The X Factor boss rearranged his work schedule to ensure he only starts business meetings after 9am rather than hold conferences into the early hours of the morning like he used to.

A source previously told MailOnline: ‘Simon said how he hasn’t worn trainers as much as this in 20 years. He feels fitter than ever before and is keeping to a normal routine rather than being on the phone into the early hours of the morning.

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  1. WOW seriously, Tell us who did it so none of us end up that way even in case of an emergency need
    Poor Guy and the best comment left here was: “He looks like he’s melting”
    so Totally accurate

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