Beauty Queen Contestant, 22, is Electrocuted on Stage in Mexico

A beauty pageant contestant in Mexico received quite a shock on stage while competing over the weekend.

Andrea Granados Víctor, 22, was participating in the recent Miss Sahuayo 2022 pageant when she was electrocuted while grabbing a microphone on stage, according to La Nación.

Video of Sunday’s scary incident, which has gone viral online, shows Víctor falling to the ground as a result of the shock before she is helped up and off the stage by a several people at the pageant.

A short time later, Víctor returned to the stage and continued with the competition, according to the video footage and a New York Post report.

“I came back recharged, literally,” she told the audience in Spanish, per the Post.

Víctor offered the same sentiment on Facebook, adding, “Thank you all for your messages, thank God everything is fine.”

In the viral video, Víctor is seen strutting on the runway in colorful clothing before coming in contact with the microphone.

“She’s getting electrocuted! She’s getting electrocuted!” an announcer can be hear yelling in the footage.

Local reports suggested that it had rained prior to the event, according to the report in La Nación, which noted that the catwalk and perhaps some of the equipment might have been wet.

Víctor was met with a round of applause when she returned to the stage, according to the video, and the announcer could be heard enthusiastically praising her for carrying on with the competition, calling her a “warrior” for showing her strength and “will power.”

“I want to share with you that after undergoing some medical tests, I can say that I feel fine,” she told the crowd after the incident, per the Post. “Thank God, it did not go beyond a burn.”

Watch the video below:

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