Al Roker Hospitalized Again

“Today” show anchor Al Roker has returned to the hospital as he continues to recover from blood clots in his legs and lungs. His co-host Hoda Kotb told viewers on Thursday that the beloved weatherman was readmitted.

“Due to some complications, he is back in the hospital and he is in very good care. He’s resting and his doctors are keeping a close eye on him,” Kotb said. 

“Al and his family want everybody to know how grateful they are for all the love, the support and the well wishes,” she said.

The 68-year-old said in mid-November he was admitted to the hospital with a blood clot in his leg that sent clots into his lungs. He later said he was able to be home for Thanksgiving dinner and shared pictures with his family.

The holiday marked the first time in 27 years that Roker was not part of NBC’s coverage of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade last week. He was also not present at the annual Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting on Wednesday. 

Kotb had a FaceTime conversation with Roker at the tree lightning and said he appeared to “look good.” 

“We told him it was really boring without him,” she said. “Al makes everything better. That’s just his magic.”

Roker has had a host of medical problems. Two years ago, he announced he had prostate cancer and had to have an organ removed. He’s also had surgeries to fix issues with his hip and knees. 

Known for his cheery demeanor, Roker has been a fixture at NBC for decades and has worked in broadcasting since the mid-1970s. 

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  1. How’s he OVER SOLD COVID FAKE VACCINE Working out for you Al? You pushed it on thousands because people trusted you, you trusted FauxCi and the liberal liars and the BiOweapon is killing you.
    I liked you, but your leftism was such a turn off and I am so sorry you are going through this. I pray for your health to return and for you to be cleansed from this nightmare

  2. Praying for his quick recovery and complete healing. Miss his beautiful smile and awesome loving, caring attitude.

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