Diane Sawyer Interview Cut Short After Police Threaten to Arrest Her (Video)

After he ran from airport security in the beloved holiday classic, Love Actually, former child star Thomas Brodie-Sangster found himself on the run from the law again while taping the film’s 20th anniversary reunion special with Diane Sawyer

The 32-year-old actor, who played lovesick kid drummer Sam in the 2003 film, returned to the iconic London bench on the Thames River where he filmed scenes with his on-screen stepfather, Liam Neeson, to reflect on the film almost 20 years later for the ABC News reunion special with Sawyer. 

After Sawyer and Brodie-Sangster discussed the film for a few minutes, a producer is heard cutting in and telling them, “We have to stop. The police say we don’t have the proper permit, and they’re going to arrest us.” 

The pair laugh off the comment, as Sawyer replies, “Oh, they are? Now we run!” 

They quickly get up from the bench and head away from the scene as the cameras continue rolling.  

Thankfully, they manage to avoid arrest and Brodie-Sangster poses with some fans before heading home. 

Prior to the interview’s abrupt ending, Brodie-Sangster spoke about working with Neeson on the film. 

“Liam was amazing. He treated me like his son,” the former child star recalled. “He was absolutely lovely to me. He created this environment where I was very comfortable.”

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