Ghislaine Maxwell to “Die in Prison” as Her Husband Scott Borgerson Refuses to Foot Her $2M Legal Bill

British socialite turned-convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell’s appeal against her 20-year jail might just go out of the window as her estranged husband refuses to foot her $2M legal bill. Maxwell was sentenced to 20 years in prison for her role in helping convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein abuse minor girls.

Maxwell’s estranged husband Scott Borgerson, whom she secretly married in 2016, has reportedly failed to pay the $900,000 bill to her legal team and provide the $1M required to challenge the conviction. The relationship between the two was ended by Borgerson during a phone call to the New York prison where the 60-year-old was awaiting her trial. However, he still controls the former socialite’s fortune, according to the The Daily Mail.

Her legal team will not be able to make a January deadline without the money, leaving her to consider the possibility that she might die in prison. Some of Maxwell’s close pals even fear that Borgerson is intentionally delaying their divorce and her access to her fortune. “He thinks if he drags it out, she will give him most of the money. She is in jail… not much she can do from there,” one of Maxwell’s friends told The Daily Mail. However, a legal source defended him and said, “He doesn’t trust what Maxwell’s lawyers are telling him.”

Maxwell and Borgerson reportedly first met in Iceland back in 2013 when her relationship with San Diego billionaire Ted Waitt had just ended. At that time, Borgerson was still married to her first wife Rebecca, with whom he shares a son and a daughter. The two then kept their relationship hush-hush and finally tied the knot in 2016. However many were unaware of their marriage until it was referenced by prosecutors during her 2020 trial. “Her brothers were astonished to find out that not only was she married, but she had made all her money over to Scott,” a source close to the family told the outlet. Sources said that Borgerson did not even visit her once during her time in prison.

However, Ghislaine and her brother Kevin Maxwell are also facing another lawsuit filed by the law firm with defended her in her trial. Colorado law firm Huddon, Morgan and Foreman sued the pair for $850,000 in unpaid legal fees and accused Kevin for her brother and estranged husband of hiding her multi-million wealth. The lawyers claimed they requested a $250,000 retainer before the trial began in 2021. Half of the amount was quickly paid by her brother but when the legal team emailed him regarding the outstanding amount, he ignored it.

Court documents showed she received tens of millions of dollars from Epstein and had sold her New York home for $15M. However, Borgerson dismissed the claims as “fake news.”

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  1. Great news! Rot in jail, die in jail! The Courts need to seize her wealth and pay it to her Victims! And to pay the legal fees of the prosecution. All she needed to do was testify against the pervert and she would have been free to go!

  2. Mr. Borgerson dismissed legal court documents as “fake news”? What were these documents, just unverified statements by other people, or were they official documents like a home title showing its sale, or official tax documents showing money changed hands? If the former, he might be right, but if the latter, he could be an idiot for making such a claim.

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