Queen Camilla ‘Anxious’ Around Prince William and Kate Middleton

As the royal family rolled out the welcome wagon ahead of a November 22 state dinner, Queen Consort Camilla was “anxious” when Prince William and Kate Middleton arrived, a body language expert claimed.

Camilla Parker Bowles seemingly used her handbag as a ‘barrier’ when Prince William and Kate Middleton headed towards her, body language expert Judi James said.

Specifically, when the Prince and Princess of Wales arrived with South Africa president Cyril Ramaphosa, Camilla hinted at some possible discomfort. She flagged a “small gesture of anxiety as the very elegant William and Kate approached up the steps,” the expert said.

“She lifted her bag in front of her torso” in what Judi James described as a “barrier gesture.”

Regardless of any possible anxiety on Camilla’s part, Judi James remarked that the foursome seemed eager to demonstrate a “family vibe.”

“Smiles, chatting, and polite body language signals all round” indicated “a desire to show a unified front and a family vibe from the new top tier of the Firm,” she said.

The queen consort had been, at one point during the welcome, “especially keen to promote a family look”, the expert said.

She did it “not just with her maternal-looking smiles but in the way she turned her head to join in the conversation between William and Kate,” the expert explained.

Meanwhile “Kate’s dimpled smile and her raised brows showed a polite and attentive engagement as Camilla spoke to her across William, whose “fig leaf hand pose” suggested he was in “listening rather than speaking mode”, the expert asserted.

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