King’s ‘Fiery’ Temper Exposed

King Charles’ “temper” has been detailed in a new book by royal author Christopher Andersen who revealed that monarch has broken things when he has been extremely angry. King Charles “tore the sink off the wall” in frustration after losing his cufflink down the plughole, Christopher Andersen claimed.

“He threw a chair through a window, someone else’s window as well. He destroyed a sink because he lost a cufflink down the drain. One of the most shocking things I read in the book is there were such fiery exchanges between Diana and Charles that their employees were concerned for their safety,” the royal author claimed.

“They were concerned that it would escalate,” the author added.

This comes as the monarch is to spend Christmas at Sandringham this year, marking a return to the traditional royal family Christmas on the Norfolk estate. The monarch and the Queen Consort are expected to be joined by other members of the royal family.

Buckingham Palace confirmed the King had this year decided to travel to Sandringham House, where Queen Elizabeth II hosted her family over the festive period throughout the decades.

Earlier, a body language expert claimed that Queen Consort Camilla was “anxious” when Prince William and Kate Middleton arrived at a November 22 state dinner.

“Smiles, chatting, and polite body language signals all round” indicated “a desire to show a unified front and a family vibe from the new top tier of the Firm,” Judi James said.

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  1. The buffoonery continues. He’s not a king, he’s a phony his mommy couldn’t banish, reform or control. He will continue to bring shame on the royal family & monarchy.
    There’s already talk about ending the monarchy & this charlatan & the horse-face woman, a royal embarrassment aren’t helping.
    The Royals need new, young blood not old molasses. Abdicate now.

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