Drunk Guest Ruins Wedding Then Groom Punches Him (VIDEO)

You know a marriage has a good shot at going the distance when the groom defends the bride’s honor — on the very day of their wedding.

But that is what one groom felt compelled to do when another wedding guest — who, by the way, appeared to be inebriated — smashed cake in not only the groom’s head but the bride’s head as well. Neither the bride nor the groom appeared to be really thrilled with the guest’s behavior.

The bride simply walked away with an annoyed look on her face. The groom simply slugged the guy. And that was nice of the groom. Considering he was holding a large knife used for the purpose of cutting the cake.

Drunk Guest Ruins Wedding By Throwing Cake Over Bride

Interestingly, the groom kept the same deadpan look on his face the entire time. And as you can see, the guy doing the dumping of the cake never really made contact. But oh boy, the groom sure did.

But not to be deterred, the obnoxious guest got right back to his feet and longed for a hug. The groom just sort of shrugged and, presumably, went back to the business of cutting the cake as the bride celebrated her knight in shining armor.

Good luck to the new couple. And the other guy, who likely is icing his jaw. In all honestly, don’t be that type of wedding guest. I mean, get drunk all you want, that’s fine. But if you’re going to get plastered, do it responsibly. Don’t cause a scene, it’s supposed to be a special time for everyone. That’s just selfish if you do things like this stupid dummy did.

They are going to remember this forever now.


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