1 Killed, 16 Injured After Car Barrels Through Front of Apple Store

A criminal investigation is underway after one person was killed and at least 19 others were injured when an SUV crashed through the front of an Apple Store at the Derby Street Shops in Hingham on Monday morning, officials said.

Emergency crews responding to a report of a vehicle into a building at 94 Derby Street around 10:45 a.m. found a gaping hole in the glass facade of the store, a black SUV that had come to a stop on the sales floor inside, and multiple people suffering from various injuries, according to Plymouth District Attorney Timothy Cruz.

The name of the person who passed away was identified as Kevin Bradley, 65, of New Jersey by the DA’s office.

According to Apple, Bradley was a “professional who was onsite supporting recent construction at the store.”

“We are devastated by the shocking events at Apple Derby Street today and the tragic loss of a professional who was onsite supporting recent construction at the store. Our hearts go out to our team members and customers who were injured and all of those who were affected by this terrible incident. We are doing everything we can to support our team members and customers at this very difficult time,” a spokesperson for the tech giant said.

Most of the other victims were taken to South Shore Hospital, while two victims were taken to Boston for treatment, Cruz said.

Dr. Jason Tracy, Chief of Emergency Medicine at South Shore Hospital, said 17 people in total arrived at the ER suffering from “all types of traumatic injuries,” including head wounds, lower extremity issues, and “mangled” limbs.

South Shore Hospital springs into action after one killed, 17 others injured in Hingham crash

Tracy added some of the victims were taken in for surgery and that others will eventually need to be operated on. A number of those patients sustained life-threatening injuries, according to Dr. Chris Burns, the hospital’s trauma chief.

Despite the sudden influx in patients, Tracy said the ER was staffed and ready to meet the demand for immediate care.

“We had multiple resources respond to the hospital including additional surgeons and additional support staff,” Tracy said. “We were very well staffed at this time considering the day of the week and the time of the day.”

The driver was not hospitalized and is said to be in police custody. Charges have not yet been announced, but Cruz confirmed that an “active criminal investigation is underway,” calling the incident “unthinkable.”LP- ‘Unthinkable’: 1 killed, 19 hurt after SUV barrels through front of Apple Store in Hingham, DA says

A preliminary investigation indicated that the SUV crashed through the glass and struck multiple people, leaving some victims pinned against the wall, officials said. It’s not clear how fast the vehicle was traveling.

The town of Hingham expressed its condolences and sympathies in a statement, saying in part: “We recognize that in the aftermath of today’s events there are persons in need of healing, both physically and emotionally. As with others who have suffered loss or injury in recent times, the Town will help guide those who reach out for assistance. None of us is alone. We are a united Town.”

The Hanover Fire Department said that a Plymouth County Tech Rescue Team was activated to assist people who were either injured or trapped. Multiple crews from the Rockland Fire Department were also called in to assist.

Photos showed firefighters tending to what appeared to be a person under the vehicle in question. The area has been roped off with yellow police tape.

Video from the scene showed EMTs and firefighters also tending to victims on the sidewalk outside of the store. Other victims were stretchered away and loaded into ambulances.

Witnesses told Boston 25 that they heard a loud crash and ran over to see the vehicle inside the store, as well as belongings strewn all over the floor.

“It sounded like a bomb went off,” Lynne Goyuk said. “We saw several people who should have sought medical attention, but they wouldn’t go over because they knew other people were critical.”

Emily McKenna added, “I just heard like glass shatter, and everyone ran to the window because they thought it was a smash and grab, and there was just a gaping hole in the middle of the Apple Store. I didn’t see the car drive by but someone said it was going pretty fast, so maybe he just lost control.”

‘Sounded like a bomb went off’: Witnesses react after car smashes through Apple Store in Hingham

The Apple Store is part of the Derby Street Shops. It’s neighbored by a Burton’s Grill and Brandy Melville.

A tow truck pulled the SUV from the store shortly before 4 p.m. after spending the afternoon gathering evidence and securing the scene.

Around half an hour later, investigators could be seen in the store assembling lights.

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