Ivanka “Unhappy” Friends “Turned Their Back” on Her

Ivanka Trump is notably not joining her father’s third bid for the White House, and sources say that she is simply tired of the drama that comes with being involved in national politics.

One source tells the Post in particular that Ivanka “hated all the criticism and the threats, and was unhappy about how a lot of their friends turned their back on them.”

The source added that Ivanka felt a third White House run would be “bad for her family… and negative in general in her circle of friends.”

Additionally, said the source, Ivanka “wants as normal a life as she can arrange for her and her family… she’s unhappy about becoming a political target.”

Ivanka Trump was often the target of attacks after her father employed her and husband Jared Kushner as advisers in his White House, despite the fact that neither of them had any experience in politics.

She and Kushner have since kept low political profiles since the end of Trump’s term, although Kushner has raised eyebrows by securing major investments from foreign countries such as Saudi Arabia, where he performed significant diplomatic work during his tenure in the Trump White House.

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  1. I can imagine & it’s really too bad. The left is merciless in their oppression. She needs to procure friendships that are Republican only.

  2. If Trump didn’t keep downing people with his big mouth, Ivanka and Jarred may have stayed on. Trump was a great president other then his trashing everyone he disliked here and abroad. He did give a great announcement speech this week and if he can keep that kind of control he may win again.

  3. Sadly, you learn “who” your friends really are if you are involved in anything controversial; personally, I would advise Ivanka to “let them go” and cultivate a circle of decent human beings as friends. The previous group, obviously NOT friends, when they judge YOU by someone else’s words, or actions.

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