Jenna Bush Hager Makes Shocking Admission

Hoda Kotb made one cheeky revelation about her co-host Jenna Bush Hager.

On Wednesday’s episode of Today with Hoda and Jenna, Kotb revealed that she recently learned something new about Bush Hager — that she “never wears underwear.”

“I was a little surprised because Jenna and I know a lot about each other,” Kotb told the crowd on the NBC daytime show, which this week is being filmed in front of a studio audience again.

She went on to explain that she discovered Bush Hager’s love for going commando right before the show, when the two had to change in the dressing area. “I just had a little shock with it,” said Kotb, recalling of when she “noticed.”

Bush Hager, for her part, defended her choice. “I think it makes a more pretty silhouette!” she said. “I also think you don’t have to pack as much. There’s a lot of pros to it!”

But she also appeared to be a little embarrassed. “You promised me you wouldn’t do this! There’s a lot of people here!” the former first daughter told Kotb, later joking, “I’m sure my mom has never been more proud.”

Kotb went on to note some of the benefits of not wearing underwear, pointing to their show’s wardrobe supervisor who said “it actually does make life a lot easier.”

The downsides? “It’s a lot of washing of clothes, over and over,” Kotb noted.

That doesn’t seem to bother Bush Hager. “[Hoda] said, ‘Do you wash your clothes’ and I said ‘Yes, I do.’ But it’s also not like I’m sharing your jeans with you. Though I do steal Savannah [Guthrie]’s pants on occasion,” she explained, asking Kotb, “And I do want to borrow that red suit of yours. Can I?”

“Yes, you can, anytime,” Kotb said.

“I’ll wear underwear,” joked Bush Hager.

Today with Hoda and Jenna began filming again in front of a live audience on Monday, temporarily returning to Studio 6A in New York City where they previously filmed the show.

“We miss it and we love it,” said Kotb, announcing their return earlier this month. “This is so important to us but there’s something about sitting among the people you love.”

Bush Hager added: “We miss y’all, Don’t you feel like everybody wants connection. I feel like people are back at church, people are back together, people are going to concerts and shows.”

The shows this week have already seen the hosts, who have been together since 2019, open up about everything from parenting and relationships. And while viewers now know Bush Hager may not like wearing underwear, Kotb revealed earlier this week that her 5-year-old daughter Haley is now.

Haley’s now going to be wearing undies and not pull-ups, so [yesterday] was the last day,” Kotb said. “I started to feel some melancholy feelings, I said, ‘Guess what? Tomorrow’s a new chapter. It’s all going to be brand new. Here we go.’ “

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