Girl Dies After Being Left in Hot Car for Nine Hours After Dad “Forgot to Drop Her Off at Nursery”

A girl has died after being left in a hot car for nine hours when her dad forgot to drop her off at nursery.

Seira Fuchigami, two, was left roasting inside a minivan after her dad, 33, didn’t realize she was still inside.

The father-of-three told police from the Osaka Prefecture in Japan he went out around 8:00 am on November 12 with his three children.

He dropped two of his kids off at different schools but headed into work with Seira still in the car.

The devastated dad locked his car with the windows wound all the way up before making his way to the office.

When he returned to Kishiwada to pick up his kids from school, staff told him that Seira had never arrived.

He searched his car where he found her her limp and unconscious, police said.

The young girl was rushed to hospital but did not survive.

Doctors believe she suffered from heat stroke.

Seira did not have any visible external injuries, officers said.

An autopsy is being held today to determine her official cause of death.

It comes after a baby died after the father forgot to drop him off at day care, leaving the parents hospitalized with “shock”.

The 14-month-old was found dead in his dad’s boiling hot vehicle in Bordes, southwestern France, in July.

In another tragic case, a dad was charged with murder after his eight-month-old daughter was found dead in a hot car.

Davied Whatley, 20, claimed he warned cops little Nova Whatley-Trejo was inside the vehicle when he was arrested by police in Snellville, Georgia on May 3.

He was trying to retrieve a seized gun but was taken into custody when officers realized he had an outstanding probation charge.

Police said Whatley called a family member to check on Nova at some point following his arrest.

Nova was reportedly inside the car for seven hours when she was found unresponsive by her grandma Leticia Padilla.

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