Wife of Pop Star Shot Dead by Four Armed Men on Motorbikes

The wife of a pop star has been shot dead in a taxi by armed thieves.

Ana Marcela Calderón González was killed by four armed men on two motorbikes. She had just withdrawn around $3,000 from the bank when the men attacked.

Her singer husband John Alejandro Jerez Chacón was also wounded in the attack.

According to reports, they first withdrew $1,000 (COP 5.4million) from an ATM at Parque Principal de Floridablanca in the Colombia department of Santander.

They then travelled to Homecenter in Bucaramanga to sell their BMW vehicle to a couple.

The car fee was paid to Ana and John by electronic transfer and they went to a Bancolombia office in Bucaramanga to withdraw $2,000.

From there, they took a taxi to another bank in Cabecera del Llano to pay in the cash.

According to eyewitnesses, four armed thieves on two motorbikes intercepted the victims at a set of traffic lights.

During the hold-up, Ana and John were both shot and the assailants made off with their cash.

Ana was fatally shot in the abdomen while her husband suffered bullet wounds to his arms.Security cam footage shows the moment the couple were robbed.

The taxi driver took the couple to a nearby medical centre in Bucaramanga.

Bucaramanga mayor Juan Carlos Cárdenas has announced a reward of $2,000 (COP 10 million) to anyone who comes forwards with information that leads to the arrest of the suspects.

The police investigation is ongoing.

The couple lived in a residential complex in the Lagos del Cacique sector of Bucaramanga.

John is a singer who has performed alongside Colombian celebrities such as Jorge Celedón.

He also manages a rural hotel in Sabana de Torres, Santander, where his wife worked as social media manager.

In recent days, John has shared two touching posts in honor of his killed wife on his Instagram.

On 12 November, he wrote: “I had to see you leave, when I least expected it, when I saw you smile. My beautiful warrior, God now has your holy splendour.”

He posted a video of Ana on November 13 with the message: “Cute little monkey. Your beautiful and sweet smile will be our motivation and strength to carry you in our hearts forever.”

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