Internet Swoons Over Barron Trump at Tiffany’s Wedding

Social media is awestruck at pictures of Barron Trump at Tiffany Trump’s wedding. Tiffany, the only daughter of former President Donald Trump and actress Marla Maples, married Michael Boulos at her family’s club in Palm Beach, Florida. Tiffany wore a beautiful long-sleeve wedding gown by Elie Saab.

Her mother was seen donning a lavender evening gown, also designed by Saab. Tiffany’s father attended the wedding, as did her half-siblings Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr, Eric Trump, and Barron Trump, photos revealed.

Marla said her daughter chose the dress as a nod to her husband’s heritage. “It’s a Lebanese American wedding,” she said, The US Sun reported. “So we were so happy to have Elie Saab create the magic.”

Tiffany’s wedding comes four days after the 2022 midterm elections. Of the same, Marla said, according to People, “We are focused on this sacred union and welcoming beloved friends and family, not on politics.” She added that they chose Mar-a-Lago as the venue because it was “Tiffany’s childhood home and where she was brought into the world.”

Barron stood tall among other family members, and social media cannot get enough of him. The former president’s youngest son, 16, is hardly in the public eye. At Tiffany’s wedding, he was pictured next to his mother, former first lady Melania.

“Barron is looking good,” one user wrote on Twitter, sharing a picture. “He looks very handsome. Tiffany looks beautiful. I bet Ivana would’ve liked to have been there but she disagreed too much w/the father of the bride,” wrote another user.

One user said, “I think that’s the first time I’ve ever seen Barron smile. It looks good on him. Maybe he likes Tiffany. But did the ex-prez have to do that thumb thing even in the wedding pictures. Tiffany looks a bit like Marla now.”

“Remember how small he was at the inauguration? He’s a grown young man, now,” one user wrote, while another said, “Tiffany is gorgeous~!! And Barron, handsome as heck~!”

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