The View’s Whoopi Goldberg Apologizes as Ana Navarro Calls Her Out Live on Air

Whoopi Goldberg was on The View when she had to apologise live on air for something she had said

The incident occurred live during a segment on the US midterm elections on Monday’s show.

The star’s co-host Ana Navarro said she was ‘being bad’ and Whoopi said she would try to be better.

They were talking about how former President Donald Trump trolled Florida Governor Ron DeSantis at a recent rally by mispronouncing his name.

Whoopi said that the former president was just wanting attention.

Ana then said: “He’s supporting Marco Rubio, who he used to call Little Marco. He used to laughed about the size of his hands. And laugh about how much he sweats and how much he needed water.”Whoopi apologised live on air

Sunny Hostin interrupted her and asked: “I thought Trump was the one with the small hands.”

Sara Haines corrected her by saying: “No. Rubio was Small Hands Rubio.”

Ana started to continue her statement, but Whoopi interrupted her by saying: “Maybe they all got small hands.”

Her co-hosts laughed as off screen she did something with her hands.

She moved her hands to her lap and said: “I’m sorry. I’m sorry,” while pouting to the camera.

The host then smiled innocently as Ana said: “Bad Whoopi!”

Whoopi then said: “I’m better I’m sorry.”

Whoopi is often seen making the audience laugh on the show.Ana called Whoopi ‘bad’

On Thursday’s show, Angela Bassett did an interview about her role in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

She said how different the movie was without Chadwick Boseman, who passed away in 2020 from colon cancer.

She explained that the movie is also significant because it is female-led.

Sara asked her another question: “Not surprisingly, you are incredibly busy right now, so on top of Black Panther, you are in the sixth season, staring in and producing your show, 9-1-1.

“You’re also in the new animated Jordan Peele movie, called Wendell & Wild, and you were just named Glamour’s Woman of the Year, Lifetime Achievement honoree.”

She ended with: “What does this feel like to be so seen and recognized in all of these ways?”

Angela sighed and said: “I mean, it’s really exciting, very exciting!”

Whoopi interrupted and said: “It’s about time,” as she pretended she didn’t know who had just spoken.

“Whoever said that, that’s right,” the View host said, looking out towards the crew as if one of them had said it.

Whoopi then tried to stop herself from laughing as she sucked her lips into her mouth.

Watch the video here

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  1. If Whoopi kept her brain dead mouth shut she would not have to apologize to anyone ever. Why, because then she would not spew lies a fake news.

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