Heartbreaking Final Phone Call of Missing Man Reveals His Fear Before Vanishing in Remote Wooded Area

A missing man had told his friends that he “didn’t know where he was” in a heartbreaking final call before his cell phone reportedly died.

Bryce Borca, 23, vanished without a trace after being last seen near the Minnesota River in Eagan in the early hours of October 30.

He had been drinking on a party bus and got a ride-share with two pals at around 2am, according to a police report seen by Twin Cities Pioneer Press.

Borca got out of the car and reportedly started walking to his home which was located only two miles away.

But, around 30 minutes later, he FaceTimed his friends from the woods and said that he didn’t know where he was going.

But, Borca’s phone battery was at two percent and the call ended after 12 minutes.

His friends believe that his cell phone had died as they couldn’t reach him.

A search operation was frantically launched and cops said that cell phone records reveal he was traveling toward Highway 13 in the state.

One person reportedly found a tie on the route that he was walking along.

Cops combed the woodland and found a Nike shoe, but cops said didn’t match the description of the footwear that he was wearing.

Detectives are not ruling the object out as potential evidence as they continue their investigation.

Around 250 people searched the local area in a bid to find the missing man, but the search operation near the river has been suspended.

His friend Abbie Dittman told FOX9: “That’s never supposed to happen to somebody you know. It was shocking. It’s just surprising we haven’t found anything at this point.”

Borca’s family said: “This is an incredibly difficult time for us and our main focus is finding our son.”

“Our family would like to thank everyone involved in the search for Bryce, including the Eagan Police Department, County special operations, our friends, family, and countless volunteers.”

“We are so very grateful for the outpouring of love and support from the community, and pray for Bryce’s safe return.”

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  1. Used to work & live in Eagan, (early 80’s) Trained for marathons all over the area, Ran every road, bike path and trail. Can’t imagine where anyone could get lost. If you were drunk enough, you could lay down and go to sleep, maybe.

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