Jackie Chan Reveals “Truth” About Bruce Lee’s Death

Bruce Lee’s untimely death at the age of just 32 has sparked many a conspiracy theory over the years, prompting Jackie Chan to speak out about the ‘truth’.

The martial artist-turned-actor, 68, made the revelation following speculation that Lee, who would have turned 82 in November, died from a number of possible causes including an ancient Chinese curse and poison.

When asked about the conspiracy theories and his personal belief about the cause of Lee’s death, Chan, who starred alongside Lee in films including Fists of Fury, said ‘no, no, no’ in response.

Chan said on Sway’s Universe: “He died in somebody’s house.”

“My boss [went] to pick him up, and they sent him to the hospital. That’s in the public. In the Hong Kong Google.

“Just a normal dying in somebody’s house. That’s all.”

However, when Chan’s comments about Lee’s death were recently reposed to social media, fans had a lot to say about the apparent ‘truth.’

One wrote: “Nothing kills a great story, like the truth…”

“I can’t believe he was only 32,” added a second. “No way he passed from anything natural.”

A third quoted Chan and joked: “‘Just normal dying in someone’s house.’ Ah, now I understand.”

“Jackie not silly enough to fall out with triads,” remarked a fourth alongside a laughing emoji while a fifth added: “I just read all the details. Story checks out.”

“He died in someone’s house, but how?” questioned a sixth.

“Jackie Chan knows more than what he’s willing to admit cuz he’s just too quick to be dismissive [sic],” speculated a seventh.

As reported by the Sun, Bruce Lee’s cause of death was officially listed as an allergic reaction to aspirin, which was ultimately declared a ‘death by misadventure’.

The martial arts legend had previously collapsed months before his death, leading to a diagnosis of cerebral edema at Hong Kong Baptist Hospital.

Also known as brain swelling, this is a condition caused by the build up of fluid around the brain, and it required the 32-year-old to go on medication to reduce this swelling.

Lee himself admitted that he was human in his lifetime, despite his success in the martial arts arena, and said he could never fight Muhammad Ali.

“Everybody says I must fight Ali some day,” he said before his untimely death. “I’m getting to know how he thinks and moves.”

Enter The Dragon director Robert Clouse added: “Bruce knew he could never win a fight against Ali. ‘Look at my hand,’ he said. ‘That’s a little hand. He’d kill me.'”

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