Internet Wants Tom Brady to Start Dating Ivanka Trump

Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady reportedly announced on Friday, October 28, that he and his wife Gisele Bundchen have finalized a divorce, ending 13 years of marriage. “In recent days, my wife and I finalized our divorce from one another after 13 years of marriage. We arrived at this decision amicably and with gratitude for the time we spent together.

We are blessed with beautiful and wonderful children who will continue to be the center of our world in every way. We will continue to work together as parents to always ensure they receive the love and attention they deserve”, Brady posted on Instagram.

“We arrived at this decision to end our marriage after much consideration. Doing so is, of course, painful and difficult, like it is for many people who go through the same thing every day around the world. However, we wish only the best for each other as we pursue whatever new chapters in our lives that are yet to be written. And we kindly ask for privacy and respect as we navigate what is to come in the days and weeks ahead. Thank you.”

The couple share two children, Benjamin, 12, and Vivian, 9. Brady also has a 15-year-old son, Jack, with actor Bridget Moynahan. According to People, the couple’s split comes after months of reports that the couple had been struggling.

However, the Internet feels the former president of the United States, Donald Trump, may be delighted by this development. Jared Kushner, Trump’s eldest daughter Ivanka’s husband, discussed the early days of his relationship with his wife in his upcoming memoir ‘Breaking History: A White House Memoir’, where he even mentioned an awkward exchange, he had with Trump where Brady’s name was brought up. 

An excerpt from the memoir discusses a moment when Kushner and Ivanka’s relationship was becoming more serious. “I could feel my voice shake as I managed to say that Ivanka and I were getting more serious and that she was in the process of converting,” wrote Kushner, according to HOLA!

“Well, let me ask you a question. Why does she have to convert? Why can’t you convert?” Trump reportedly replied. Kushner told Trump that it was Ivanka’s wish to change her religion to which Trump said, “That’s great. Most people think I’m Jewish anyway. Most of my friends are Jewish. I have all these awards from the synagogues. They love me in Israel.” After that exchange, Trump hinted that Brady had a significant interest in his daughter, even though both Ivanka and Brady repeatedly said that they were not involved in any sort of relationship. However, Trump really wanted the two to date each other over the years.

“Tom Brady, the quarterback, is somebody that really likes Ivanka and he’s a great guy and I got to know him at the Miss Universe contest,” said Trump in an interview with Howard Stern, in 2004. When he was asked if Brady was dating his daughter, Trump replied, “Well, it could happen. I mean, he’d like to, and we’ll see.” According to a report from New York Times, while Trump was president he often brought up Brady in conversations in the White House. “Several times Mr. Trump joked that he ‘could have had Tom Brady, as a son-in-law. ‘Instead,’ the president said, according to five people who heard him, ‘I got Jared Kushner,’” the report says.

Later Brady cleared the air in an interview with Howard Stern. “That was a long time ago in my life, so … No, there was never that where we ever dated or anything like that,” he said of Ivanka. “He never suggested that to me… look it all worked out for me anyway, I married the woman of my dreams,” he said, referring to his wife, Bündchen. “I think I married the most amazing woman, so I have no regrets.”

Now, Brady’s once “woman of my dreams” is no longer with him and only time will tell if Trump’s wish will come true or not. However, Twitter users were quick to pounce upon this issue when they heard the split between Brady and his wife. One user tweeted, “Well, between Tom not willing to fulfill his part of the deal and then there is Jered’s book, where he mentioned Trump warned Jered that Tom Brady was interested in dating Ivanka. Ivanka chose well, smart girl.”

Another user tweeted, “Believe Me, my good friend Tom Brady will be better off being divorced from Gazelle. To be honest, he’s stunk badly this season, but we all know it’s not his fault. I’m sure his football game will be much better without her distractions. #Trump #DonaldTrump.” One user added, “This TOTALLY clears the way for Tom Brady to date Donald Trump.” “Maybe Tom Brady can ask his good friend Donald Trump how to handle divorce”, tweeted one user. Another troll wrote “You know, Trump wanted Ivanka to marry Tom Brady. Tom’s free now…just saying” while another joked by tweeting, “My dark horse for Tom Brady’s next girlfriend/spouse… Ivanka Trump.”

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