Barbara Walters Spending Her Last Days at Home

TV icon Barbara Walters, who is battling with the advanced stages of dementia, is reportedly living the last days of her life as a prisoner in her New York City apartment. The famous American broadcaster, who once interviewed the world’s most fascinating people, now “doesn’t say much and doesn’t remember much,” it has been reported.

The reclusive journalist and TV personality has not been seen in public since retiring from her famous talk show ‘The View’ in 2014. Fans reportedly expressed concerns about her health in September after her ‘The View’ co-host Whoopi Goldberg gave a rare update on the show’s creator. Now, an insider close to Walters told the outlet that she spends her days as a “recluse” while being taken monitored by caregivers.

“Barbara suffers from exhaustion and fatigue, as well as anxiety and agitation,” an insider told the outlet, adding, “She’s very frail and spends a great deal of the day napping!” Sources added that the only thing that rouses Walters was news broadcasts “When the news comes on, Barbra gets extremely agitated because she’s convinced, she’s supposed to be there reporting the stories!” the insider continued, according to the outlet.

According to reports, the source continued, “Barbara is just a shadow of her herself. She often doesn’t remember what day it is, or who her famous friends and former colleagues are. Now everyone is fearing for the worst.”

Sources said that Walters was essentially a prisoner in her own home now. “Barbara doesn’t say much and doesn’t remember her friends anymore. She’s a virtual skeleton now and so fragile, and in a wheelchair,” sources said.

In her 93-year-long life, the ABC news icon has married four times to three different men and has a 54-year-old adopted daughter named Jacqueline.

Previously, the outlet reported, Barbara’s dementia is so advanced that she has started to fade away a little more every day. “Barbara is fading a little more every day. She’s close to the end and her team is scrambling to manage affairs just the way Barbara would want them,” a source said at that time. “Sadly, her dementia has been getting worse. [Her] caretaker give her the opportunity to make everyday decisions, but more often than not she’ll stare at them blankly.” The source also noted that the failing recluse is wheelchair-bound and is said to be suffering from hearing loss and heart disease.

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  1. This headline is inappropriate. People with dementia do not feel or express a need to go out in public. I am sure that she would not want to be pitied for her aging conditions/illnesses.

  2. So sad. She was the absolute best interviewer ever. Brilliant and totally fearless Some of the most important and influential people in the word considered it an honor to be interviewed by her. Never have I seen the likes of her..

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