Barack Obama Mocks Herschel Walker with a ‘Thought Experiment’

Former President Barack Obama joked about Herschel Walker, the GOP nominee for a U.S. Senate seat in Georgia, on Friday with a “thought experiment” that highlighted the Republican candidate’s lack of experience for the political role.

At a campaign rally for Walker’s Democratic rival, Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.), Obama acknowledged that Walker was “a heck of a football player” and “amazing, one of the best running backs of all time.”

But that doesn’t make him the best person to represent Georgia, the former president argued.

Obama imagined people seeing Walker in the airport or hospital and allowing him to fly the airplane or do surgery because of his success on the football field.

“You wouldn’t say that,” said Obama.

Obama said “the opposite is true, too” in that people may have liked him as a president but wouldn’t want his “slow, old, skinny behind” on the football field.

“You’d have to scrape me off the field,” he cracked, before flipping his “Yes, we can” slogan to: “No, I can’t. No, I can’t.”

Watch the video here:

Elsewhere in Obama’s stumping for Warnock, he slammed Walker as “a celebrity that wants to be a politician” and attacked his “issues of character,” an apparent reference to allegations that Walker in the past paid for two women to terminate their pregnancies. Walker, who is running on a strict anti-abortion agenda, denies the claims.

Walker and Warnock are in a tight race, per polling.

Walker would be so loyal to Trump that it would mean “he is not going to be really thinking about you or your needs,” Obama said.

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  1. Hey Barry, exactly why do you think you are better than Hershel? Your second term was a disaster, and I voted for you twice!

  2. R excuse me Biden has over 40 years political experience and look where that got us now!! Experienced politicians have run America into ground!

  3. Obama is a satanic worshipping moron. He is a theif and a liar that destroyed as much as he could while in office and helped get biden in office so he could use him to do the rest. I’d rather have hershel walker than the satanic warnock.

  4. What made Obama worthy of the office? He was a smooth talker? Is that all it takes to qualify as a politician? Please!!!!! I would much rather have Hershel walker representing me than Obama who lied every time he opened his mouth but did it eloquently.

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