Man Falls to His Death Riding Zipline While Recording Himself (VIDEO)

A tourist fell to his death while riding a zipline in Brazil, with the horrific incident caught on video in full.

Sergio Murilo de Lima Santana, 39, from Belem in Para State, died during the incident which occurred earlier this month, on October 10. He was riding a zipline in Canoa Quebrada, on the coast of Ceará State, Brazil, when one of the pylons collapsed.

The entire incident was caught on camera by Sergio as he plummeted to his death.

He had been filming the tourist who rode the zipline before him, and his partner, whose name has not been reported.

Sergio and his partner were on holiday when the accident happened.

It has not yet been confirmed as to why one of the pylons collapsed, with authorities launching an investigation into the circumstances surrounding Sergio’s death.

He was attended to by emergency services at the scene who then rushed him to hospital, however he was pronounced dead on arrival.

The footage shot by Sergio has recently been released, with viewers able to watch him ride the zipline over sand dunes.

Sergio can be heard letting out a whoop of joy, before he suddenly falls, with his spinning phone filming the sand dunes below. The footage then goes black.

His partner, who was also filming Sergio on the line, captured the moment the pylon toppled over, which sent Sergio falling to the ground.

The incident was the fifth to have occurred at tourist hotspots in Ceará State and the Aracati City Hall banned all zipline rides in the municipality a day after Sergio’s death.

Authorities have reported that they would carry out checks on similar tourist attractions in the region.

A woman died in July this year in a similar incident, as she fell 70ft to her death before riding a zipline at the Piracema Park Club water park in Rio Branco, northern Brazil.

Yasmili Araujo, 23, was enjoying a day at the park with her boyfriend and friends.

She climbed the platform, but before she was offered a safety harness, she disappeared through a hole in the tower.

Emergency services rushed her to hospital, where she died of a heart attack on the way there.


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