Whoopie Defends Sen. Ted Cruz on the View

Whoopi Goldberg shut down a group of protesters who disrupted an interview with Sen. Ted Cruz on Monday’s episode of The View.

During the conservative politician’s appearance on the ABC talk show, protests began shouting about climate change.

New co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin — who is the former White House Director of Strategic Communications and Assistant to President Donald Trump — quickly responded, “We do cover climate here, guys.”

Goldberg, 66, then stepped in and asked the protestors to stop.

“Excuse me, ladies. Excuse us, let us do our job. We hear what you have to say, but you’ve got to go,” she said. “You’ve got to go, you’ve got to let us do our jobs.”

As the panel attempted to continue the interview, Griffin told Cruz, “They weren’t even protesting you!”

Sunny Hostin also asserted that the protests were not about the Texas senator but instead the show itself. She said, “They’re accusing us of not covering climate change, and we do that.”

During the second portion of the interview, the protestors once again shouted from the crowd. The exact message was unclear as it was censored by ABC. However, Hostin appeared shocked by the interruption and Griffin responded, “Come on guys.”

Following the second disruption, the co-hosts were forced to go to a commercial break.

On Sunday, Cruz, 51, also did not receive the warmest welcome at New York City’s Yankee Stadium.

The politician attended Sunday night’s match-up against the Houston Astros wearing Astros colors and was met with several fans flipping him off at the home of the Bronx Bombers.

An image shared to Twitter by Jesse Angelo of VICE shows a spectator giving him a big thumbs down and at least three Yankees fans flashing their middle fingers at Cruz.

Cruz, who sat behind home plate decked out in his Astros colors, could be seen throughout the game standing up and cheering on his team.

Unfortunately for Cruz, several Yankees fans greeted him with the opposite of cheers as he watched his team eliminate the Yankees from playoff contention.

Another clip posted to Twitter shows Yankee fans heckling the senator with boos, calling him a “loser,” a “racist piece of s—,” and demanding he go “back to Cancun.” The last comment was in reference to the Republican’s trip to Cancún in February 2021, when millions of Texans remained without power and water due to a winter storm that damaged the power grid.

Not all greetings were negative, though, as one man could be seen shuffling through the rows of Yankee Stadium to grab a selfie with the politician.

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