Woman Dies from Lightning Strike in Front of Horrified Daughter

A British woman was reportedly killed following a lightning strike while she was vacationing with her children in Croatia. 

According to the Mirror, the tragic lightning strike incident occurred in mid-August. 48-year-old Daniella DiMambro was struck as she was sheltering under a tree with her 18-year-old daughter Emily DiMambro-Mosscrop, and 15-year-old son. She was notably repatriated back to the UK where she died on October 7th. 

While detailing the lightning strike incident, DiMambro-Mosscrop told NottinghamshireLive that she did not see the lightning until it happened. She believed she was also struck and then blacked out. When she came to, she said her mother was absolutely out of it. “I thought, ‘this really is not good,’” DiMambro-Mosscrop said. “I definitely thought she had been struck by lighting. It made sense.”  

DiMambro-Mosscrop then tried to call emergency services on her cellphone. However, authorities did not understand her English. She raced to a nearby beach bar to find someone to speak Croatian in order to get an ambulance. “I honestly thought she was dead at that point,” DiMambro-Mosscrop continued. “Five minutes into the ambulance ride, I found out she was alive, which was a relief.” 

DiMambro-Mosscrop further explained that when her mother was able to get back to the UK, she was taken to City Hospital. DiMambro was in the ICU for four weeks before passing away. “She was never going to be able to move again,” DiMambro-Mosscrop said. “She remained in ICU. I thought this is ‘just not fair to her.’ She would absolutely hate that. If she was in her head, if she knew what was going on. She would hate that.”

British Woman Taken Off Life Support Following Lightning Strike Due to Being in Good Health

Fortunately for DiMambro, it seemed as though she was going to be able to overcome the lightning strike injuries due to her good health. At least, that’s what the doctors originally thought.

“The doctors said, ‘take the life support off and breathing tube out,’” DiMambro-Mosscrop said. “Because she was really fit, she continued to breathe on her own. At that point, they took the breathing tube out and put her on hydration.”

Unfortunately, DiMambro’s health quickly derailed and she passed away eight days after being taken off life support. DiMambro-Mosscrop describes her mother as being full of life and energy. “She was really caring to everyone. Everyone loves her. She lived and breathed her business. Without her people wouldn’t come, because she wasn’t just any physio, she was amazing, and she just helped everyone and she would get presents from her clients to say ‘thank you.’”

Senior coroner for Nottinghamshire, Mairin Casey, then shared the cause of DiMambro’s death. “Her death was due to a lightning strike, leading to cardiac arrest and hypoxic-ischemic brain injury.”

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