Neighborhood Terrorized by Man Armed with a MACHETE Knocking on Doors

Residents of a Florida neighborhood have captured chilling surveillance footage of a well-dressed man knocking on doors with a machete.

Video shows a bald, clean-shaven man with glasses, a tucked-in collared shirt complete with a tie and dress pants walking up to one Lauderhill home around 5.30am Monday morning.

He uses the machete’s handle to knock on the door before immediately walking away.

‘I see some random dude knocking on the door with the back of a machete,’ a male resident, who said he thought the man was a potential solicitor, at the home said.

‘Then he just disappears as quick as he came.’

A woman at the residence added that she was confused as to why the man came and knocked once before leaving.

‘It’s so mysterious that we have no idea whatsoever of his intent,’ she said.

‘He didn’t seem like someone lost or confused. He seemed very intentional, very businesslike, like he was dressed for business – just with a machete.’

An unidentified man was seen approaching homes in Lauderhill, Florida, with a machete
He uses the back of the machete to knock on the door, attempting to conceal the blade behind his shirt
He reaches the door, knocking once, before walking away
He leaves before he is seen approaching another home in the neighborhood

The unidentified man knocked on another home’s door earlier in the night, according to the woman.

‘They saw the same thing that they went up to their door, the same away, and did the same thing,’ she told WSVN. ‘I think they were driving around.’

‘Yeah, we’re kind of freaked out,’ the man said.

Police were notified of the incidents and have since increased patrols of the neighborhood. Though the footage induced fear in the homeowners, police have classified the images as suspicious and said no crimes were committed.

It’s unknown how many doors the man knocked on in total, but neighbors have urged others to continually check their cameras for additional sightings of the man, who they are still hoping to identify.

‘I just hope somebody knows who the person is. That way we have peace of mind of what happens or — we don’t want the person coming again, right?’ the man said.

‘So we want to know exactly who it is that way everyone is aware also.’

The second, colorized footage of the man shows him approaching a different home in the same manner
He approaches before knocking on the door with the end of the machete, and then abruptly leaves
He is seen in the distance in the first footage. Police have been notified of the footage and neighbors are asking others to help identify the man

Because he is wielding a machete, the woman said she is concerned for the well-being of her child.

‘We have a 4-year-old son, I’m suddenly a lot more concerned and just with him getting out of the car, you know, myself,’ the woman said.

 ‘Yeah, he’s got us looking at the cameras a lot more now,’ the man added.

Anyone with information on who this man with a machete is should call Broward County Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS. Those with information are eligible for a reward of up to $5,000.

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