Maggots Kept Falling from Woman’s Ceiling, Six Days Later She Finds Out the Horrifying Reason

A 21-year-old TikToker shared a horrifying video to give an update of her life that no one would ever wish to encounter. In a video captioned as, “my life 💖” she shared the shot of a maggot falling off her ceiling on the floor as she talks about the place where it is coming from. She said the neighbor who lived above her apartment had died and the maggots were falling through the ceiling that was there on the dead body.  They found out about the incident after the cops came to investigate the source of stench and insects.

She kept updating the videos on her account to express the frustration she told her landlord had not taken the necessary actions to deal with the biohazard caused. She said it had been about six days since the legless larva had been dropping from the vents of her ceiling.

The first video she shared of the incident was of two maggots crawling on her ceiling and while she is talking about the incident, it drops on the floor. She can be heard saying that the maggots are coming from the dead body above her and as it drops on the floor she could be heard weeping.

In the second video she posted about the incident, Liv elaborated the situation as she told about how she first alerted her neighbors if they were experiencing the same thing who later went upstairs to check on the situation. They said that maggots were sign of a dead body and that they hadn’t heard from a neighbor for a few days. They rang the doorbell but it was not answered and she said that there was a stench after which they informed the police.

Liv said that she also informed the landlord about the situation. However, she was not offered a temporary accommodation or a biohazard crew to clean up the apartment as the entire complex smelt like dead body. Her and her mother “begged” the landlord however it still did not brought out any helpful reaction out of them. Later after her dad told the landlord that they would sue them is when the landlord offered her “the newest apartment in the complex which was thankfully maggot free and was away from the stench.” She further added, “I had to throw away so many things, we also expect rent to be waived for the next three months,” she said.

She commented on her video, “just to be clear – hundreds of maggots were falling from my ceiling for 6 days AFTER the police & landlord were informed!!!!” This invited a lot of reaction from the users as they expressed how they would have immediately left the apartment. Another user raised their concern and said, “That is a biohazard. Maggots eat rotting flesh which makes it worse. Pretty sure you can sue, if you can’t sue them, get a few months no rent at least.”

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