Two Nurses Shot at Texas Hospital

A suspect was reportedly shot by police after opening fire at the Methodist Dallas Medical Center. Police told Fox4News and CBS that one of the victims has now died.

Two nurses were reportedly shot on Saturday at Methodist Dallas Medical Center in Texas, in what would mark yet another gun-related violent incident at a hospital. One of the wounded nurses was said to have been killed, Fox4News and CBS reported police as saying. Other outlets said the nurse was in critical condition.

According to The Dallas Morning News, police were called at approximately 11:10 a.m. local time, and a suspect was taken into custody. WFAA reporter Rebecca Lopez stated on Twitter that an officer shot the alleged assailant close to the scene of the attack, near “the labor and delivery area.”

No motive for the alleged shooting has been revealed.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins tweeted that both victims worked for Methodist Dallas.

Officials at the medical center and the Dallas Police Department were not immediately able to confirm details about the incident.

video posted to social media appeared to depict numerous law enforcement vehicles responding to the scene.

The early reports harkened back to a tragedy in June, when a man opened fire at a hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma, killing four people, including the surgeon who had performed surgery on his back.

The shooter—who had complained of back pain after the procedure—took his own life at the end of the attack.

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  1. More and more recently I read about such cases, and no one knows why they did whatever it was. Do these people have families and friends? Perhaps we need to just start officially claiming that it was due to severe mental illness every time no other motive surfaces. Since it is unlikely that family will want to have it common or public knowledge that one of their own was seriously mentally ill, they would either police their own, or offer other reasons explaining the actions.

  2. …while I think the lethal clot shots are effecting the mental /emotional stability of a lot of people, as evidenced in the large number of violent episodes on display across our society…this could simply be someone who knows that many nurses participated in the deaths of their loved ones…and the relatives are exacting their revenge. Wait until doctors, nurses and Medical Conglomerate CEO’s who took huge amounts of cash from the government for killing off patients with Midazolam, Remdemisivir and ventilators are exacting revenge for the deaths of their loved one. Wait until someone kidnaps and tortures a Hospital CEO until they tell the truth on live stream about their deadly collusion with the global elites and they tell the truth about their role in The Diversity Genocide. Wait until the torture of a medical CEO is broadcast live as they tell the truth about their role in killing millions on the orders of government and the elites. They will have to shut down access to hospitals and doctors all over the country and put a 5 mile perimeter around these murder complexes they call hospitals. I hope many in the medical industrial complex are left legally hanging from ropes while proclaiming their innocence to a people who know they killed millions.

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