12 Injured on Flight from Hell: Severe Turbulence Hits Plane Over the Atlantic

A flight was plunged into chaos when it hit turbulence that threw screaming passengers around the cabin, with one breaking their nose on the ceiling.

The Aerolíneas Argentinas AR1133 flight to Buenos Aires took off at 8.21pm on October 18 from Madrid.

But the Airbus A330 carrying 271 passengers and 13 crew members was affected by bad turbulence around seven hours into the 12-hour flight off the coast of Brazil.

The passenger jet sagged and shook around at 11,500 meters (38,000 feet) above the Atlantic.

The flight fell into pandemonium, with passengers, most of whom had been sleeping, panicking and food and drinks trolleys thrown around.

Aerolíneas Argentinas said that at the time of the turbulence, seat belt signs were on and an announcement had been made.

But some passengers fumbling for seatbelts or those who were unbuckled at the time hit the ceiling. 

Trolleys and bags hurtled through the cabin as hand luggage compartments opened.  

At least 12 people were injured and three of them were later hospitalized with severe injuries. One was left with a broken nose, according to Bild

The flight landed in Buenos Aires four-and-a-half hours after the turbulence.

Passengers who suffered injuries were taken to hospital. Some were admitted. 

Passenger Adrian Torres told newspaper El Pais: ‘We had flown about seven hours and almost all of us slept, because at that time it was almost three in Spain.

‘The plane started to move a lot and I said to my colleagues, “how much turbulence, buckle up”. 

‘As I fumbled for my seat belt, the plane encountered severe turbulence.’

He said the plane then suddenly dropped meters and they shot at the ceiling, leaving him with a small bruise.

Adrian added that the incident left his colleague with a broken nose. 

Another passenger, Esperanza Borrás, said there was no warning.

She had unbuckled her seatbelt for a short time. After the turbulence started, she hit her head on the ceiling and broke her nasal septum. 

The chaos left other passengers injured, suffering cuts and bruises. Some of these were severe. 

Turbulence left the Airbus galleys wrecked, with the ceiling paneling damaged.

Aerolíneas Argentinas said in a statement that the seat belt signs were switched on when the turbulence occurred. 

The company also said passengers were warned with an announcement. 

But not all of the passengers agree with this version of events. 

The airline added that due to the severe turbulence on the flight, nine passengers had to be treated with minor injuries after it landed at Ezeiza airport at 4.30am.

And it confirmed that another three were hospitalised due to their injuries.  It also stated that the plane did not suffer significant damage to its structure. 

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