‘Ignorant’ Tom Brady Enrages Veterans with Newest Comment

You really missed the endzone on this one, Tom.

Veteran NFL quarterback and seven time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady insulted actual veterans of the U.S. armed forces when he compared playing pro-football to life in the service recently.

“I almost look at like a football season like you’re going away on deployment in the military, and it’s like, ‘man, here I go again,’” the Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB told Brooklyn Nets Kevin Durant on the “Let’s Go! with Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray” podcast.

“There’s really only one way to do it…The reality is you can really only be authentic to yourself, right?” the rumored divorcee of supermodel Gisele Bundchen added.

Former members of the military were quick to tell the estranged family man — who will be making slightly above a soldier’s wage as a commentator for Fox Sports for $375M upon NFL retirement — how wrong he is.

“I have a grudging respect for Tom Brady but his remarks about comparing a football season to a military deployment was, to me as an Afghanistan Vet quite insulting,” posted @angryvet59.

“My father served 2 Vietnam tours, him & his friends were appalled,” tweeted Jason Taravella. “Tell that b–ch @TomBrady to dodge bullets, wear soaking wet boots for weeks, worry about landmines. The guy plays an effing sport, it frankly is gross.”

One former combat vet evoked the late former Arizona Cardinals defensive back Pat Tillman, who left the league in 2002 to join the U.S. Army Rangers in wake of the 9/11 terror attacks. He died of friendly fire in 2004.

“I really really REALLY hope @TomBrady gives a public apology for his ignorant remarks,” tweeted combat veteran Alberto Romero, now a meteorologist, along with a Venn diagram showing the few things football and military life have in common.

“I’m sure Mr. Pat Tillman would not agree with him.”

That sentiment was reiterated by Twitter user Jonathan Adamany, who wrote that Brady’s achievements quake in the face of true heroes like Tillman.

“#TomBrady   may have 7 #SuperBowl rings, but he is no Army Ranger Corporal Pat Tillman,” Adamany wrote.

“Way to insult a large portion of your fan base, poorly represent the #TampaBayBucs & #NFL (& possibly negatively affect ticket & merch sales for the season).”

Brady’s combative faux pas is one of many recent missteps taken by the soon-to-be hall of famer has taken since marital rumors began swirling in past weeks.

He publicly berated the Bucs offensive line during the team’s 20-18 loss against the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday and had attended the October wedding of New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft solo.

Prior to Sunday’s loss, Brady was seen not wearing a wedding band while leaving his Pennsylvania hotel.

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  1. He should probably apologize just because, but let’s be real. We all know what he means. I’m sure he had no intention of insulting veterans. I’m not a fanboy, just have common sense.

  2. Pat Tillman was a Christian idiot that thought he would go kill Muslims because, according to Rambo movies, they can’t hit anything when they shoot back… Tillman was so stupid that his fellow Americans shot him to get rid of him before he got them all killed…
    I’m sure Brady will apologize for those woke who misconstrued what he was saying…

    1. Pat Tillman was victim of a for-hire murder because he had decided to speak out against the twin wars in Iraq and Afghanistan when got back to America.

      Who was behind it? For my money it was Rumsfeld and Cheney.

  3. I would like to reply to Mr. Waldron but I can’t find the correct words to say to such a STUPID statement.

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