Human Skeleton Found at Universal Studios Theme Park Still Wearing Pants

Halloween arrived early when an entire human skeleton – still wearing clothes – was discovered dumped outside a popular theme park.

The grisly remains were found outside Universal Studios in Japan when a staff member who was trimming trees along the perimeter of the park found a skull among the plants.

Police officers were called who conducted a thorough search of the area with sniffer dogs who found the rest of the skeleton.

An officer said: “We found the possible entire skeleton and a pair of trousers attached with a men’s belt in the same area.”

Officers are set to carry out an analysis of the remains next week to find the cause of death, Kyodo News reported.

Early estimates believed they are of a man, around five feet tall and in his 60s or 70s.

A report into the discovery said there was no sign of fractures or additional force.

Earlier this year it was reported police were searching for two people spotted with a trolley moments before human bones were found in bin bags dumped in a river.

On August 27, 2020, police were called at around 4.35pm after human remains were found inside two black bin bags in the River Stour, near Meadow Gate and Croft Bridge in Sudbury, Suffolk, in 2020.

A post-mortem exam was unable to establish a cause of death or any form of identification

However, a small amount of additional human remains were recovered as a result of searches along the river in the week after the bags were found.

DNA testing confirmed they were from the same person as the original discovery. Over the last two years, forensic testing has been trying to build a profile of the victim as officers continue their murder investigation.

Suffolk Police said that in addition to over 1,800 exhibits that have been collated, 1,500 people have been spoken to and more than 1,400 statements or reports have been taken.

Officers remained actively engaged with enquiries, undertaking further house-to-house work as recently July.

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