Airplane Passenger Poops on Plane Floor, Chaos Ensues

Flight delays are getting crappier!

An unhinged British Airways passenger took travel chaos to new heights when he defecated on the floor of the plane and smeared it into the seats — sickening travelers, according to a report.

The unnamed passenger inexplicably flipped out in protest moments before flying from London’s Heathrow Airport to Lagos, Nigeria, on Oct. 7, according to the Sun.

He peeled off his pants and let loose on the aircraft’s main floor before rubbing the feces into the carpet, curtain and seats — prompting emergency services officials to rush in, according to a witness cited by the outlet.

“During boarding a passenger stripped from the waist down and defecated on the galley floor. He sat in it and rubbed it onto the galley floor and aisle carpets,” the witnesses’ report states.

“He walked in it and started running up the aisle as far as Door 4. He smeared his arms to elbow in fecal matter, and door seats as he went.”

Officials considered the incident “hygienic biohazard,” according to the report.

“The curtains and carpets were severely contaminated. Very important that a hygienic biohazard and deep clean is carried out and properly supervised and signed off,” it states.

The flight, BA075, was delayed for three hours while the Boeing 777-336 jet was taken out of service and cleaned.

“We apologized to our customers for the delay to their flight and arranged for an alternative aircraft to allow them to continue their journey,” British Airways told the Sun.

It’s unclear whether the defecator was charged.

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