Teen Girls Who Disappeared After Homecoming Dance are Found Dead

Two teenage girls have been found dead after going missing following a homecoming dance on Saturday night. 

Bayleigh Bowlin and Chloe Taylor, both 16 years old, were found by an uncle of one of the girls in an overturned car on Sunday evening in south-eastern Mississippi, acoording to reports.

The two girls were initially declared missing Sunday morning by their families after they failed to return from East Central High School’s homecoming dance on Saturday. 

Amid the search for the teens, the uncle reportedly noticed that a stop sign was missing on Lum-Reeves Road at the intersection of Highway 613, per the Sun Herald. 

After searching the wooded area, he reportedly found the girls dead in the overturned car, still buckled in their seats. 

Authorities have since determined that as Taylor was driving the vehicle, they ran off the road, crashed into an embankment and hit a tree. 

No other cars were involved in the incident. 

The tragic accident has left the girl’s family’s heartbroken, with Taylor’s mother writing on Facebook, “My heart., my world, my best friend was taken from me yesterday.” 

“It doesn’t seem real. I’m praying I wake up from this nightmare and she walks through those doors. Why was my baby taken from me? Why her? I never expected as a parent I would have to go through this much heartache.”

The mother has since described the two girls as “best friends” who were “glued to the hip.” 

“They loved each other and were always there for one another,” she said, the Sun Herald reported. 

“Bayleigh and Chloe were the definitions of high-quality friends. They are both flying high and will always be in our hearts.” 

The girls were juniors in High School and lived in Hurley.

Monday morning East Central High School also posted on social media regarding the teenager’s deaths. 

“Please be in prayer today as we mourn the loss of two students. Please pray for guidance as we navigate these tragedies with our students, faculty, and community,” the school wrote.

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