Man Breaks into Restaurant and Drinks Until He Passes Out

A man broke into a popular California beach restaurant by coming in the skylight and then poured himself several drinks before passing out on the floor, where workers found him the next day, according to the manager.

The intruder caused extensive damage while drinking top-shelf booze straight from the bottle, said Baja Cantina general manager Piero Sanchez.

“It was a mess and cost us thousands of dollars,” Sanchez told Inside Edition’s Jim Moret.

This was the second break-in within a week, Sanchez said. Surveillance cameras were installed after the first entry, but staff hadn’t anticipated someone climbing on the roof and clambering in via the skylight.

Video footage captured the intruder dropping into the restaurant, smoking a cigarette and passing out on the floor.

Workers called police after finding the intruder out cold and he was arrested, Sanchez said.


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