Ambulance Carrying 5 Slammed by SUV – Patient Dies

A woman headed to the hospital following an early morning crash on Staten Island after the ambulance she was riding in got T-boned blocks from the first crash site, police said.

Officials responded after Maria Andres-Martinez, 34, was struck while crossing a street in Staten Island before 6.15am, according to police.

While EMS was transporting the woman, a Jeep Grand Cherokee smashed into the ambulance just a few blocks away.

The ambulance was reportedly going the wrong way and tried to cross through an intersection when it was T-boned.

All five passengers and the driver of the SUV were rushed to the hospital after the crash.

Andres-Martinez, already injured from the initial incident, was taken to Richmond University Medical Center by a second ambulance in critical condition but ultimately succumbed to her injuries.

Three injured EMS members were said to be in critical condition but are expected to recover.

The other emergency workers and the driver of the jeep were listed in stable condition.

Police are saying the victim was struck by the driver of a Dodge Charger, but no suspect was identified.

Neighbors spilled out of their homes after hearing the startling noise in the early morning.

“All of a sudden I hear a loud crashing sound,” David Gomes told reporters.

“I see the ambulance flipped on its side. As I’m getting closer, I see one of the EMTs climb out of the top of the van.”

The investigation into the horrific crash is ongoing.

Another angle of the crash site

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