Woman Finds Human Fetus and Remains in Storage Unit

An Alabama woman bought a storage unit that, unbeknownst to her, contained a human fetus as well as the cremated remains of 13 people, Fox 10 reported Monday.

Rebekah McManus bid on a storage unit at an auction in Mobile Bay and won the unit when the original buyer didn’t show.

“I found a fetus in a jar,” McManus told Fox 10. “The jar was supposed to be … it wasn’t a specimen jar or anything. It was supposed to be for sutures for an autopsy, I suppose. I’m not sure what happened with that or where they were going with it or why he was in there, but I thought it was a heart when I opened it and lifted it up initially, and it was not a heart. I freaked out a little.”

McManus told the Daily Caller she was still trying to locate all the families of the deceased individuals, but so far has been able to identify at least eight.

“I have found some information on the remaining five families,” McManus told the Caller. “I’ve put in some calls and am waiting to hear back from a few before I make any more movements.”

The Mobile County Sheriff’s office told the Daily Caller the Mobile Police Department would investigate the situation.

Lt. Paul Overstreet said the police department have opened an investigation into the discovery, according to Fox 10.

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  1. Who rented the unit, or did some else have access? How 💔for her to find the fetus and the other other remains. Maybe an Angel guided her there, to give closure to the families?

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