“The Shining” Actress Reemerges After Over 20 Years in Hiding

The Shining actress Shelley Duvall has posed in an incredibly rare photo with a fan over 20 years after she made the decision to retire from acting.

The former Hollywood actress, 73, famously darted out of the limelight after she suffered mental health issues following the her traumatic treatment on the set of The Shining at the hands of director Stanley Kubrick.

In her latest appearance, the actress, who played Wendy Torrance in the 1980 masterpiece alongside Jack Nicholson, Shelley looks unrecognisable as she poses alongside a fan who holds up a copy of Popeye – the 1981 flick where Shelley played Olive alongside late friend, Robin Williams.

The actress, now 73, is seen missing a front tooth as she smiles in the rare snap while resting her chin in her hand.

Shelley, who once had jet black hair, is now completely grey and has ditched her once glamorous demeanor for a more natural and casual look as she was seen sporting a worn grey t-shirt while out and about in her local area.

Shelley with a fan

The Shining star retired from acting in 2002 after years of failing to find work, bar a stint as executive producer on a couple of TV movies and her Bedtime Stories series.

She was last seen in 2016 when she appeared on an episode of Dr Phil which ‘haunted’ viewers as her declining mental health was forged into the spotlight.

During her appearance on the talk show, viewers were uncomfortable with the way in which Shelley was being questioned by the host.

Asked by Dr Phil about her health amid her obvious decline in mental wellbeing, Duvall replied: “Well, you know, damned if I do, damned if I don’t. I mean, if I say I’m healthy, first thing they’ll do is hurt me tonight.”

When pressed on who she was talking about, the actress replied: “Whoever is in the security… or at the bank… doing night work…”

‘The Sheriff of Nottingham’ was after her and a revolving dish had been implanted in her knee, she claimed.

She tailed off before the conversation turned to Robin Williams, who Shelley had co-starred opposite in the 1981 hit Popeye.

Robin, who had died earlier in 2016, wasn’t actually dead but had ‘shapeshifted’ into different forms, she said.

“Well beetles escapes,” she told the concerned TV host. “I don’t know, stones escape.

“He looks real good in some forms and in other forms he doesn’t,” she added, before admitting she was “very sick” and “needed help”.

Shelley’s shocking appearance on Dr.Phil came almost thirty years after she was considered a shining star in Hollywood after taking part in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining.

While it seemed like the dream role for any up-and-coming actress, unfortunately for the then-28-year-old Shelley, the next 13 months of working with the legendary director would ultimately drive her to the brink of madness.

From her first day on set, Kubrick is said to have taken every opportunity to punish Shelley for unidentifiable misdemeanours – and forbade the other cast and crew from offering her any comfort, telling them to ignore her whenever possible.

Shelley even started losing her hair from the stress of being on set and being subjected to the director’s so-called ‘special’ requirements.

Kubrick would cut her lines without notice and keep her isolated from the rest of the cast, not even giving her a single compliment about her acting to keep her in a state of stress throughout filming.

“From May until October I was really in and out of ill health because the stress of the role was so great,” she later told David Hughes in his book The Complete Kubrick.

“Stanley pushed me and prodded me further than I’ve ever been pushed before. It’s the most difficult role I’ve ever had to play.”

“I guess this is what most people know me for, right? And look, I won’t get into too much detail now, but that film was hell to be a part of,” Shelley admitted years later.

“I mean, there was a great cast — Jack, Scatman [Crothers], Danny [Lloyd]. They were all wonderfully hilarious people, but then there was Stanley Kubrick, the director of this iconic masterpiece. All I’ll really say for now is that if he hadn’t director the way he did, if he hadn’t done everything with force and cruelty, then I guess it wouldn’t have turned out to be as it was.”

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