Young Girl Tragically Dies After being Electrocuted by TV

A 13-year old girl has tragically died after she was electrocuted when she touched a faulty television set.

The schoolgirl had just gotten out of the shower when she received a massive electric shock after trying to adjust the set, which was live due to a problem with its wiring.

The teen, named Lorranny Ravick Soares Rodrigu, died in in Timon, a Brazilian municipality in the north-eastern state of Maranhao.

Lorranny was reportedly at home alone when the tragic accident happened on Sunday October 9th.

After her lifeless body was found, she was taken to the Alarico Pacheco Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Her body was taken from the hospital by the Legal Medicine Institute before being released to her heartbroken family on Monday.

Lorranny’s funeral is set to take place today, (Tuesday, October 11th).

Her friends and family took to social media to mourn the loss of the young girl.

It is currently unclear what caused the TV, the make and model of which is unknown, to electrocute her.

One report said that she had touched the TV antenna and not the television set, while other reports stated that Lorranny had touched the television set itself.

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  1. TV sets, especially older picture tube sets, us tens of thousands of volts to generate the beam needed to excite the phosphors on the screen.
    They also can have a ‘hot chassis’ and not have a polarized plug.
    That puts the chassis at line voltage.
    240 V in a lot of the world.

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