Mysterious Ancient DOORWAY in Grand Canyon Spotted on Google Earth

What seems to be a mysterious ancient doorway has been spotted in the Grand Canyon on Google Earth and internet sleuths are debating about its origin. Its existence has been attributed to many reasons, the most striking of which is alien activity. The mysterious doorway was found by a keen watcher named Wayne Wells on a picture from Google Earth.

“Quite an amazing discovery. Ancient ruins I found in the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Fantastic. It’d be easy for somebody to send a drone over the edge to check these ancient ruins out. Some kind of tunnel,” Daily Star quoted Wells as saying. Wayne and many other experts are like-minded when it comes to explaining the origin of said tunnel. they’re leaning towards the tunnel being ancient Egyptian. 

However, there are some that like to believe that it is extra-terrestrial. Author Brad Olsen, who has appeared on the History Channel’s ‘Ancient Aliens’, said, “It’s near Point Imperial. I was blown away when I saw it.”

The experts who believe the tunnel to be Egyptian make their case by letting the public know about some less-known truths. Dina De Cortez claimed, “Not many people know about Cleopatra’s son running away with a lot of gold. Some people think he ended up at the Grand Canyon.”

Mysterious doorway spotted at the Grand Canyon (Image from Google)
Mysterious doorway spotted at the Grand Canyon (Image from Google Earth)

Those who believe that the doorway has Egyptian connections have more reason to do so, as the Grand Canyon is said to once be the home of an underground Egyptian civilization, according to reprots. When explorers went to the area in question in 1909, they found caves full of suspected Egyptian artifacts and even granaries full of seeds for cultivation. Statues and copper weapons, which provided a lot of information about the timeline and the abilities of the people at the time were also found. The caves were said to have space for 50,000 people to live. But this remained a conspiracy theory because there was no documentation or proof to support these claims. More so, these caves were never found since.

This isn’t even the last of these Grand Canyon mysteries. In 1928, a pair of newlyweds had decided to travel the full length of the Grand Canyon River as part of their honeymoon, according to reports. Bessie wanted to be the first woman to complete this achievement and Glen wanted to be the fastest. What’s eerie is that they were never found again. They mysteriously disappeared, like they never existed.

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