Wheel of Fortune’s Pat Sajak Shuts Down Celebrity Contestant

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak has shut down a contestant for calling him by a strange name during Sunday’s new episode.

Season 3 of the game show spinoff has aired three episodes so far, and the latest showing featured guests Kristen Schaal, Kevin McKidd, and Ron Funches.

During the new Celebrity Wheel of Fortune episode, contestant Kristen surprised the host when she called him by a name he’s not used to hearing.

The moment came after the Mysterious Benedict Society star made it to the first bonus round.

Pat told her: “So, we’re going to show you three categories. 

“You pick one that seems attractive to you for the bonus round: Phrase, Around the House, or Things.”

She quickly replied: “Take me around that house, Patrick!”

Though Patrick is the host’s full name, fans and the TV personality alike found it strange for him to be called by the moniker, as he’s always gone by the shortened version throughout his career.

Even when he hosted his own talk show in the late-80s, early-90s, it was titled The Pat Sajak Show instead of The Patrick Sajak Show.

As such, the 75-year-old tried to shut that down real quick, telling the celebrity contest: “Only my mother calls me Patrick!”

Viewers were just as confused by Kristen’s decision to call the host by his full first name, after hearing just the clipped version over the course of his 41-year run with the Wheel of Fortune franchise.

One shocked fan tweeted: “Kristen is going to the bonus round! Did she call Pat ‘Patrick’? #CelebrityWheelofFortune”

Another pointed out that the contestant referred to him by his full name multiple times and insisted: “She won’t stop calling pat sajak ‘Patrick’ and it is killing me!”

Celebrity Wheel of Fortune contestants have been surprising fans with their wild comments and puzzle solves a lot lately.

Aside from Kristen’s moment, Snoop Dogg also shocked viewers during the season 3 premiere episode.

The rapper had quite a few incorrect answers, but it was just how far off he was with those responses that sent everyone over the edge.

For one puzzle, he guessed, “Baking onions,” instead of the right answer of “Baking brownies.”

He looked pained by his failure to get this one, in particular, correct, with fellow contestant Amanda Seales even telling the rapper: “You should know that! That’s your whole bag!’

While another contestant, Mark Duplass, joked: “Martha [Stewart] is gonna be disappointed. Martha’s gonna be upset!”

Some of Snoop’s other incorrect solves included “Toilet atlas,” “Swallowing the not,” and “Airport teacher.”

Each one had Celeb Wheel of Fortune viewers and the stars, alike, cracking up over their absurdities.

One fan joked: “@celebritywof BAKING ONIONS will be on both the highlight and blooper reel for a long time.”

Another wrote: “Snoop’s guesses on #CelebrityWheelofFortune were truly next-level hilarious.”

A third guessed: “Pretty sure the record is being broken for the most incorrect solve attempts in a single episode of Wheel. #CelebrityWheelOfFortune”

The host and viewers at home were both shocked as they weren't used to hearing his full name, as he's gone by the shortened version throughout his career
The host and viewers at home were both shocked as they weren’t used to hearing his full name, as he’s gone by the shortened version throughout his careerCredit: Hulu

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