Lee County Sheriff is Finding Hundreds of Dead Floridians in Hurricane Aftermath

On Sunday, a Lee County man was working on clearing debris from his home when CNN’s Jim Acosta approached him to ask how they fared through Hurricane Ian.

The man showed Acosta the damage to the home, the most significant parts were at the back of the home because the house is on a canal.

But it was the comments that the man made about deaths in the area that was the most shocking.

“Four doors down, their son’s best friend is a Lee County sheriff, and they’re finding hundreds of bodies now,” the man told CNN. Acosta noted it’s the same information that they are hearing too. “It is not like 20s. It is hundreds of bodies that they’re getting in and looking.”

Thus far, the death toll is 74 people and Acosta noted that the numbers are expected to increase dramatically. CNN also asked the Lee County Sheriff at a briefing about the death count and they dismissed the accusations that the evacuations of Ft. Meyers and Lee County didn’t happen soon enough.

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  1. Don’t blame the evacuation orders. Everybody with a TV had ample warning that the hurricane was dangerous and could be deadly. Sometime stupid is terminal. I’m sorry for the dead, but the authorities are not to blame if people don’t take warnings seriously. It happens every year.

  2. As usual the democrats try to bring politics into it. People knew well in advance it was a dangerous storm and chose not to leave thus endangering the people who have to save them.

  3. Can’t force people to leave their property. As much as democrats would love to force people out of their property n hand it all over to Democrat cartel invading illegal voters w a simple forecast and evac declaration..poof red state now blue..

  4. People in Florida need to thank DeSantis and the First Responders for their all their efforts. The people in Washington DC care nothing about you they just want your vote and they are making this terrible disaster a political issue. I’m so sorry for all of you!

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